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Skyrim:Unrelenting Force

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Unrelenting Force
Your Voice is raw power, pushing aside anything - or anyone - who stands in your path.






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Effects Recharge Spell ID
Fus Staggers enemies 15 00013e09
Fus Ro Greater stagger effect 20 00013f39
Fus Ro Dah Throws enemies 45 00013f3a

Unrelenting Force is a shout that pushes objects and entities. Weak versions of the shout stagger enemies and slightly push objects, while the strongest version will throw objects a great distance and turn enemies into a ragdoll, briefly rendering them helpless.

When you first meet the Greybeards they will insist that you identify yourself as Dragonborn by your use of this shout on Arngeir.

Word Stagger Strength Damage DB Force1
Fus 0.75 2 8 over 1s
Ro 1.25 5 20 over 1s
Dah 1.52
+ ragdoll
10 40 over 1s3
+ disintegrate
1This damage is in addition to the main damage, though main damage is instantaneous.
2Creatures immune to ragdolling are staggered with a magnitude of 1.5, but using the Ro shout effect to eliminate the ragdolling.
3Creatures immune to disintegration do not take any extra damage.


Meditating on the word Fus with Paarthurnax grants you the ability Force Without Effort. This ability causes enemies to be staggered 25% more, while you are recoiled 25% less, applying to both Unrelenting Force as well as power attacks and any other form of stagger.

Dragonborn ForceDBEdit

After completing the quest inside the Black Book Epistolary Acumen there are three abilities to choose from. One of them, Dragonborn Force, increases the damage output of Unrelenting Force, and there is a chance of disintegrating enemies when using all three words if your foe's health is low enough. If the damage taken from the shout kills the enemy, their body is replaced by an ash pile. Combined with the aforementioned ability Force without Effort, this makes Unrelenting Force one of the most devastating shouts in-game, especially against weak enemies that are standing on cliffs, mountains or other high areas where they will sustain fall damage, or it is also incredibly useful within dungeons.

Related QuestsEdit

Possible UsesEdit

  • This shout can be useful when fighting an enemy who can be pushed off a high location: falling damages and kills NPCs easier than it does you.
  • This can also be used at low power to momentarily stun a foe, opening up their defenses for an attack.
  • The shout can also be used to open draugr tombs that lie on the ground in dungeons (though not those propped against walls).
  • This shout can be used to detonate rune traps and tripwires from a safe distance.
  • If the shout is used against fish in water, they will die and float on the water.
  • The shout will also kill insects in the air, dropping their remains to the ground where they can be collected for use in alchemy.


  • Fall damage is not applied to the victim until a few seconds after the target has come to a complete stop, right before they start getting back up. As such, you may find that an opponent may appear to spontaneously die with no apparent explanation after surviving a fall.
  • Even with all three words of this shout and the augmentations of Dragonborn Force and Force Without Effort, the shout can, at most, stagger a dragon. It cannot put a dragon into a "ragdoll" state. This same immunity also exists for Dwarven automatons, mammoths, and other enemies in Skyrim. Other creatures and NPCs which cannot be ragdolled using this shout include: Arngeir, ash guardiansDB, Borri, dragon priests, Einarth, Felldir the Old, flame atronachs, frost atronachs, Gormlaith Golden-Hilt, Hakon One-Eye, KarstaagDB, lurkersDB, MiraakDB, mounted rieklingsDB, seekersDB, storm atronachs, Tsun, and Wulfgar.
    • Those immune sometimes include creatures that fall apart when dying and entering a ragdoll state or are plot-critical NPCs located around an area with a large drop nearby.
  • This is the most commonly used shout by draugr, often making the player character ragdoll, which may appear as though they have died. To distinguish this ragdoll from real death, look for the pulsing red hue on your screen; if it is not there, the player character is still alive. If it is there, either they are close to death or have already died. For death, the game will abruptly cut music and replace it with a somber tone. It is also possible to jump during the animation of getting back up, even while the body is still in the prone position where it first landed.
  • Use caution when attacking enemies that use this shout while the player character is riding a dragon. It can knock them off their dragon and kill through falling damage.
  • The effects of this shout are governed by the Destruction skill. As such, among other things, Ward spells (including the ward created by blocking with Spellbreaker) completely negate the effects of draugr's Unrelenting Force shout on you, preventing the ragdoll effect.
  • Draugr use two different types of this shout, though the words are still the same (easily seen when the general subtitles are turned on). Draugr from the Scourge to the lowest-leveled Deathlord use the version which only staggers, while the highest-level Deathlords and Death Overlords use the version which can knock you and allies off their feet. The two different versions also have different sound effects: the one that only staggers has a "wind" sound effect, while the one which knocks down has one which is a much louder "thunder" sound effect.
  • This shout has a very long range which is not shown with the range of the visual effect of the shout itself (the blue cone-like effect). You can easily effect enemies 100 feet away even though it seems by the visual effect it won't go that far, though it takes two or three seconds to reach NPCs and creatures at that distance.

Word Wall TranslationEdit

Thu'um Word Wall Translation
Here lies the guardian
Keeper of (the) dragonstone
And a force of unending
Rage and darkness


  • Sometimes when using the shout, it may fail to work.
    • This is often caused by the game believing that you're not on solid ground or are otherwise occupied. Casting a spell, jumping, or using a shield bash can often fix this.