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Template:Creature Summary


This template creates an infobox for use on all Creature pages. It includes the appropriate bread crumb trails and categories. It can be used on Morrowind, Tribunal, Bloodmoon, Oblivion, and Shivering Isles pages.


Creature Summary
Parameter Scope Description
titlename optional Creature's name as displayed at the top of the infobox. Generally NOT needed; will default to use PAGENAME. Only needed when pagename contains extra information (i.e., disambiguation).
altname optional Creature's name as used in category tags. Generally NOT needed: will default to use PAGENAME. Only needed when the creature's name starts with "The" or "A" to fix the alphabetization of categories.
lorepage optional Name of the relevant Lore page to display below the creature's name. Only the page name itself is required, not the Lore: prefix. Note that this works differently from NPC Summary due to the large number of instances where a lore link would be undesirable.
id required Creature's base FormID (Oblivion) or editor ID in Morrowind. This parameter may be omitted on Morrowind pages if the ID is the same as the titlename or PAGENAME, but in lower-case.
refid optional Creature's reference FormID in Oblivion. Multiple IDs should be separated with a comma outside of Morrowind space. refid and baseid should be used in place of the standard id parameter for any creatures that are unique and therefore have a uniquely defined reference ID.
baseid optional Creature's base FormID in Oblivion. Multiple IDs should be separated with a comma outside of Morrowind space.
optional Whether hover text should be used. If so, ID format becomes: id1,hover1,id2,hover2.
mod optional Name of mod that adds creature (if not in baseline version of game).
city optional Creature's "Home City" (formatted as a link to appropriate page).
house optional Name of the "House" where this creature lives (if not a merchant).
loc optional "Location" where creature can be found (if not in a city or in a house)
N.B. generally creatures will have city+house or just loc set. All three of city, house and loc are not intended to be used together but they are provided as redundant options so that an appropriate place-related box can be created for any creature.
species optional Species. If speciescat is not provided species should be a plain word, i.e., not a link. If speciescat is provided, it can be a plain word or a link to the appropriate species page.
speciescat optional Species to be used for page's category: not as a link, singular. Generally not needed: will default to use species. Only needed when creature is a non-standard species without a category. Can be set to "none" to prevent any species category from being added to page.
tribe optional Creature's tribe - use for goblins and other tribal creatures.
level optional Creature's level
type optional Creature's type (e.g. Daedra, Undead, etc.)
typenamesp optional Namespace for type, to be used in links. Uses article's namespace by default.
gold optional Merchants' gold (only needed for merchants).
sells optional List of items sold by merchant.
buys optional List of types of items bought by merchant, corresponding to CS categories.
repair optional Set to Yes for creatures that offer repair services.
health required Creature's health.
magicka required Creature's magicka.
stamina optional Creature's stamina.
resp optional Creature's responsibility for Oblivion creatures. Should be used with resp.
aggress optional Creature's aggression for Oblivion creatures. Should be used with aggress.
alarm optional Creature's alarm level for Morrowind creatures. Should be used with fight.
fight optional Creature's fight level for Morrowind creatures. Should be used with alarm.
perks optional Creature's perks for Skyrim creatures.
skills optional Creature's primary skills for Skyrim creatures.
essential optional Is Creature essential: Always, Sometimes, Never.
protected optional Is creature protected? Yes or empty.
follower optional Is Creature a follower? Provide link to relevant quests.
faction optional Factions to which Creature belongs.
soul optional Creature's soul (A number for Morrowind, Petty, Common, Grand, etc. for Oblivion)
attack required Creature's attacks, bulleted list.
abilities optional Creature's passive abilities - resistances, weaknesses, etc.
drops optional Any items carried by creature (or added to their corpse on death).
image optional The name of an image file for this Creature, just the file name. Set to none if there is no image.
imgdesc required if image
Description of image.
tablewidth optional Width of overall table. Normally only needed if infobox is being embedded in another table, in which case set it to 100%.
nocat optional If set, will not put page into any categories.
notrail optional If set to "yes", the breadcrumb trail normally created by the template is suppressed (for cases where multiple templates are used on one page or when used for a generic NPC.


{{Creature Summary|ns_base=Oblivion
|loc=[[Oblivion:Nenyond Twyll|Nenyond Twyll]]
|soul=Leveled<sup>[[Oblivion:Souls#Soul Strengths|L:-1]]</sup>
|attack=*10+((lvl-1)/2) pts melee, unarmed
|abilities=*[[Oblivion:Resist Frost|Resist Frost]] 30%
*[[Oblivion:Resist Magic|Resist Magic]] 30%
*[[Oblivion:Resist Poison|Resist Poison]] 100%
*[[Oblivion:Weakness to Fire|Weakness to Fire]] 60%
|drops=*Minor Loot (15%)
*Mort Flesh
|imgdesc=Mucianus Allias, what's left of him...
|faction={{Faction|CreatureFaction}}, {{Faction|Mucianus Zombie Faction}}, {{Faction|Necromancers}}

Creature Summary (RefID: 00091AAA)
Location Nenyond Twyll
Species Zombie Soul LeveledL:-1
Level lvl-1 Type Undead
RefID 00091AAA BaseID 00091AA9
  • 10+((lvl-1)/2) pts melee, unarmed
Other Information
Health 50×(lvl-1) Magicka N/A
Respons. 0 Aggress. 5
Faction(s) Creatures, Mucianus Zombie Faction, Necromancers
  • Minor Loot (15%)
  • Mort Flesh
Mucianus Allias, what's left of him...