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Tribunal:Meadow Rye

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Meadow Rye
Meadow Rye
Value 1 Weight 1.0
Alchemy Effects
1st Fortify Speed Fortify Speed
2nd Damage Health Damage Health
3rd Restore Speed Restore Speed
4th Drain Speed Drain Speed
# Samples 0
Plant Meadow Rye  % 100x2
# Plants 70
Meadow Rye
Meadow Rye plants

Meadow Rye is a common plant found in planters around Mournhold. It is not sold by any vendors or found in any random loot, but every plant is guaranteed to have 2 respawning samples. Harvesting them is sometimes a crime, so watch out for witnesses. Meadow Rye has the exact same properties (though in a different order) as Nirthfly Stalks. Mixing these two ingredients together will produce a potion with all four effects.

Plants can be found in the following locations:

  • Mournhold Temple: High Chapel (14 Plants)
  • Mournhold, Royal Palace: Imperial Cult Services (9 Plants)
  • Mournhold Temple: Hall of Ministry (8 Plants)
  • Mournhold, Great Bazaar (8 Plants)
  • Mournhold, Plaza Brindisi Dorom (8 Plants)
  • Mournhold, Royal Palace: Courtyard (8 Plants)
  • Mournhold, Godsreach (7 Plants)
  • Mournhold, Royal Palace: Reception Area (4 Plants)
  • Mournhold, Craftmen's Hall (2 Plants)
  • Mournhold, Geon Auline's House (1 Plant)
  • Mournhold, Thendas Manor (1 Plant)