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Welcome to the sandbox! This is a place where you can edit freely without having to worry about messing anything up. It contains lots of examples of wiki code that you can test and modify to see what happens.

Using the SandboxEdit

Feel free to change this page any way you want: modify anything written here, add content, delete content, etc. Experiment however you would like. All that we ask is:

  • Use the "Show Preview" option as much as possible. Using preview (instead of save) allows you to compare side by side what's in the edit box with the page's actual appearance. Preview also prevents all of your experiments from appearing in Recent changes.
  • Do not add any copyrighted or offensive material here.
  • Remember that any changes you make will be temporary. Other editors frequently clean up the sandbox, so it's ready for the next person who wants to experiment with it.

Other SandboxesEdit

Basic EditingEdit

The wiki uses a simplified type of markup language that's easier to use and less rigid than standard HTML. A sentence can be split between as many lines as you would like. As long as there no blank lines in between, everything will be combined into one paragraph on the displayed page.

This is an example of a standard list, showing different types of basic text formatting:

  • standard text
  • italicized text
  • bold text
  • some bold and italicized text
    • an indented item in the list
    • and another
      • keep adding asterisks to indent further
  • back to regular indents

You can also create automatically numbered lists:

  1. The first entry
  2. The second entry
    • You can mix different types of lists
  3. The third entry

See the Quick Editing Guide for more examples. Also check out the buttons at the top of the edit window: clicking the buttons adds various types of text to the edit window. And below the edit window there's a list of symbols and Wiki markup codes: clicking on any of them will insert that text into the edit window.

Talk PagesEdit

On talk pages, indents are used to tell who said what. So this would be the initial comment or question.

Indented text like this would be a response.
And this would be another person's response. Also, comments on talk pages are signed: after you've finished typing what you want to say, click on the signature box above the edit window to automatically insert your signature. What it inserts looks like this: --~~~~, but the tildes are automatically changed into your signature when you save the page (and check what it looks like in the preview window, too!)


Notice how this section's title uses four = signs instead of three (like the Talk Pages section) or two. You could even use five = signs. If you change any of the section titles, the table of contents at the top of the page will automatically update.


These are some examples of links to other pages on UESP:

You can also create links to other sites:

The wiki often changes your link after you save the page. This means that what you type can be much shorter than the "proper link". But these shortcuts are never visible in articles, because the wiki always converts the shortcuts into proper links. If you were to delete the "nowiki" bits from the following links then save, all of these links would end up looking the same:

  • [[Getting Started]]. This is the simplest and most common way to enter a link. On regular UESP articles, putting brackets around a word will automatically create a link to the game article on that subject.
  • [[UESPWiki:Getting Started|]]
  • [[UESPWiki:Getting Started|Getting Started]]
  • The final result in all cases is Getting Started
  • Also note that you could take any text on the page, highlight it and click any of wiki markup links shown under the edit box to turn that word (or words) into a link.


This is an example of a basic table. See Tables for an explanation of the table formatting and examples of different things you could do to this table.

A title box Another title box Title for Column 3 Title for Column 4
data Data data data
A box with lots of text in it.

This first box even takes up multiple lines; this box is fun.

Box 2 Box 3 Box 4