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Userspace Patrollers, also known as Userpatrollers, are a subset of editors with patroller rights limited to User pages and User talk pages. For more details on what a patroller does, please see the Patrollers page.

Criteria for "Patrolled" EditsEdit

Current Userspace PatrollersEdit

All administrators and patrollers automatically have userspace patroller privileges. In addition, the following editors are userspace patrollers (an automatically-generated list is available here):

Active/Semi-Active Userspace PatrollersEdit

Inactive Userspace PatrollersEdit

Becoming a Userspace PatrollerEdit

An administrator looks for a few basic requirements when granting userspace patroller rights, and certain things are cause for immediate disqualification.


  • Active on the wiki for at least two weeks
  • At least 100 edits anywhere on the site
  • Edits userspace pages appropriately
  • Courteous and friendly with other users

Immediate DisqualificationsEdit

  • Recent warning — If a user has received a legitimate warning in the last month, they are not eligible for userspace patroller rights.
  • Recent block — If a user was legitimately blocked from editing the wiki, they are not eligible to apply for userspace patroller rights again for two months from the expiration of the block. Similarly, a userspace patroller who is blocked from editing the wiki will also lose userspace patroller rights, and may not reapply for two months from the expiration of the block. In either case, there must be at least 50 additional good-faith edits after the block expiry before userspace patroller rights will be re-granted.
  • Recent resignation — If a user has had their userspace patroller rights removed at their own request within the last month, they are not eligible to apply again during that time.
  • Being an Autopatrolled User — Editors are forbidden from belonging to both the Autopatrolled User and Userspace Patroller groups simultaneously, because of how the permissions of the two groups combine.

List of ApplicantsEdit

Add your name to this section if you would like to become a userspace patroller. Once an administrator confirms that you meet the requirements, they will grant you the rights, move your name to the Current Userspace Patrollers section, and notify you on your talk page. If no action has been taken for a week after your nomination, please contact an active administrator directly (talk page, email, etc.).



After being successfully granted userspace patroller rights, you can place the {{User Userspace Patroller}} userbox on your user page:

  This user is a Userspace Patroller.

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