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Joined 16 June 2012
I just started by first semester of "real college", so my activity level will be down for the foreseeable future.

I am a staunch Ten for Lifer

Bethesda has named an NPC after me! (not really)

About MeEdit

Hi! My name is Andy and I am a student at McDaniel College in Maryland. I started using this wiki after getting an illegal copy of Oblivion (which I got rid of long ago, no worries), but I didn't create an account until receiving Skyrim as a high school graduation present (along with a PS3). Before playing Skyrim, I had had an inconsequential (at best) role on other wikis. I would commit to projects, work on them for one day in a blaze of glory, and then quit. This image is basically the sum total of my contributions on the Guild Wars wiki and it took me three tries and five reverts of my own saves to get it. I started out on this wiki knowing nothing about Skyrim or wiki editing, so basically all my early edits were reverts of vandals. Then, I discovered the Skyrim Easter Egg page, and found my true calling as it required no knowledge of the game. To my surprise, I found myself sticking to the wiki, and eventually began to branch out into more edits. So, now I'm here.

As for my ES knowledge, I know my way around Skyrim pretty well, thought I don't have any expansions as of this writing. I own Oblivion with all the expansions and patches for the PC, which makes it actually playable. Someday I'll prolly get Morrowind.I know nothing about wiki code or computer programming, but I'm great a copying what others have done. I can use the cslist pretty well (I think).

I have passed the 2,000 edit mark. No regrets whatsoever.


  • This is my poetry (and occasionally other things) blog. It has nothing to do with Skyrim. I don't make money off of it, so no scams attached.

Pages on Certain Topics (May not be complete)Edit

Pages I've Contributed Significantly ToEdit

I don't write a lot of pages because I don't have the time, usually prefering to play rather than write. I instead do a lot of tweaks, reverts, rewrites and post a lot on talk pages. However, occasionally I've done a little more than just fiddle with capitalization, and I selfishly note them here.

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