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This is my Skyrim diary, which is basically anything interesting or noteworthy that happens to me while I'm playing or stuff I notice, and also any particularly epic kills I get.

Before DiaryEdit

  • First epic kill: I shot a Draugr in Bleak Falls Barrow while it was still sleeping. Another Draugr heard the noise and started searching for me (I was stealthed).....and walked right into an axe trap. WHAM!
  • Second epic kill: I 1-shot a bandit who was standing on the battlements of a tower from the ground with my bow. The fun part was that he fell off the tower and looked like he was undressed by the impact of my shot.
  • Stealth seems to work in an odd manner and is also highly dependent on where you ware standing. Several times non-blind enemies who have walked into melee range looking for me and I've been able to sneak attack them, even though I wasn't invisible or particularly high level. There have also been several time where enemies are staring right at my down a staircase or something, and still can't see me, allowing me to shoot them with impunity.
  • I think skeletons may be blind, as they will often walk right in front of me looking for me.
  • Stealth archery also completely beats stealth melee, at least at lower levels(I've played both). The only advantage stealth melee seems to have is that you can pickpocket enemies before you kill them, which is a mixed blessing as you cannot reach a 100% pickpocket chance and if you fail they see you and you can't sneak attack them. Too many enemies are also either in groups or facing you, making it difficult to sneak up to them to get a dagger attack. And when you add in the range factor AND the fact that bows have a whole tree of perks dedicated to them AND that poisons such as frenzy and slow work better with bows, to me it's no question. My cousin has finished the game with a stealth melee Argonian, so it can work, but I stand by my bow.
  • It also seems that if you load a save game where you were stealthed but if you weren't stealthed the enemies would see you, they will see you. Sounds confusing, here's an example. I went through a door into Fort Amol Prison stealthed. On the other side of the door there was a mage who was looking right at me. He didn't detect me when I came through the door initially, as I was far enough away and standing in the shadows. When I died and the game reloaded from that save, he detected me as soon as it loaded. It could be that the game doesn't instantly apply the stealth on reload, i.e. I load standing up and then the game sets me to crouch but I've already been detected.