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  • Of all the active administrators (Userspace Patrollers, Patrollers, and Administrators), Alphabetface beats out Alpha Kenny Buddy to be first in alphabetical order (no pun intended), though Alfwyn will take that spot if he/she ever returns.
  • Xyzzy is the last in alphabetical order, obviously.
  • My uncle does a very funny impression of Vex from watching my cousin play Skyrim. The humor doesn't translate into text very well, but it sounds like 'Get some....coins. Find the...rune'.

(as of 6/7/13)

  • Oblivion:Roleplaying is the most revised article on this wiki with 2,470 revisions.
  • Oblivion:Glitches is the most revised informational article (meaning not something like Useful Spells) with 1,599 revisions.
  • Oblivion:Vampirism is the most revised informational article that isn't about glitches with 1,096 revisions.
  • Shivering:Glitches (surprise, surprise) is the most revised Shivering Isles page with 633 revisions
  • Shivering:Creatures is the most revised non-glitches informational Shivering Isles page with 334 revisions
  • Skyrim:Glitches is the most revised Skyrim article (UESP loves its glitches) with 987 revisions including six revisions by yours truely
  • Skyrim:Followers is the most revised non-glitches Skyrim article with 970 revisions including five revisions by yours truely
  • Dragonborn:Miraak (person) is the most revised Dragonborn article with 173 revisions
  • Morrowind:Hints is the most revised Morrowind article with 807 revisions
  • Tribunal:The Mad God is the most revised Tribunal article with 222 revisions
  • Bloodmoon:Werewolf is the most revised Bloodmoon article with 200 revisions on the nose
  • Lore:Ayleid Language is the most revised Lore article with 514 revisions
  • Daggerfall:Witch Covens is the most edited article of the early games with 152 revisions