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Exclamation Marks Instead of an Entrance to the Shivering IslesEdit

When you install Shivering Isles instead of an entrance to the new areas there are lots of yellow exclamation marks and citizens swimming or floating around them. The problem can be fixed in two ways:

  • Ensure that string "DLCShiveringIsles.esp" is placed after "Oblivion.esm" in a file "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Oblivion\Plugins.txt". It seems that installer sometimes can put reference to addon before main Oblivion.esm. You can edit Plugins.txt manually or via launcher:
    1. Turn off Shivering Isles: start "Oblivion Launcher", go to "Data Files", uncheck "DLCShiveringIsles.esp", press OK.
    2. Exit from "Oblivion Launcher" to save settings.
    3. Start "Oblivion Launcher" again and now enable "DLCShiveringIsles.esp", try to play game.
  • Uninstall and reinstall Oblivion a few times.

Reference BugEdit

The Reference Bug is a game ending bug that occurs after 50 to 120 hours of gameplay on PC and on Xbox as well. (This has been fixed with the 1.2.0416 Patch.) This patch is included in Shivering Isles for PS3, so the Reference Bug does not occur.

Unable to Leave Shivering IslesEdit

When doing the last quest of the Shivering Isles where you defeat Jyggalag, getting arrested while doing this quest results in being unable to fast travel. It also stops you entering the Palace Grounds in New Sheoth, meaning you cannot complete the quest line.

Sheogorath's Palace Grounds Freeze/CrashEdit

If Oblivion crashes or hangs indefinitely when entering Sheogorath's Palace grounds and nowhere else, this has been proven to be one of the side effects of the Animation Bug a.k.a. ABomb that occurs on saves of approximately 200 hours or more on the PC, and 400 or more on other platforms. See its page for details and fixes for PC players. Also, ensure you are entering the Palace Ground on the correct side: Bliss if Mania and the Crucible if Dementia.


This bug appears whenever an NPC does not have any available dialogue in that situation; in particular, it occurs with the Shivering Isles if an NPC has no Shivering Isles-specific dialogue or if a Shivering Isles NPC is brought to Cyrodiil.

All dialogue in the game is tied to quests, even generic dialogue shared by many NPCs; this allows the dialogue to be switched on and off or given priority relative to other dialogue. When a new NPC is created, the NPC automatically has access to generic quest-based dialogue based on their race and class. However, all of the generic dialogue is specific to Cyrodiil, and is disabled when the player enters the Shivering Isles. This prevents Cyrodiil rumors and other inappropriate dialogue from appearing in the Shivering Isles. Most Shivering Isles NPCs are given dialogue by being added to a Shivering Isles faction or because an individual dialogue line's conditions include the NPC. Any NPCs who are not specifically given appropriate dialogue end up with no dialogue at all, including no greetings. If you talk to the NPC, the game inserts the "I HAVE NO GREETING!" response to prevent the game from crashing.

Some common reasons why this greeting occurs include:

  • If a quest-specific script forces a non-SI NPC to appear in the Shivering Isles. This is one of the few cases where the bug is significant, since it can prevent the related quest from advancing.
    • In particular, if the A Knife in the Dark quest initiating the Dark Brotherhood questline is triggered by committing your first murder and Lucien Lachance comes to visit you while you are sleeping in the Shivering Isles, then he will not have any dialogue.
    •   Move your character out of the area where Lucien is "stuck" then enter setstage 224EB 10 using the console. At this point you will get the usual "While sleeping, I was visited by Lucien Lachance" message. Lucien will be removed from the Shivering Isles and you will be able to continue with the Dark Brotherhood quest-line.
    •   This bug is fixed by the Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch.
  • If a follower is taken from the Shivering Isles to Cyrodiil or if a follower is taken from Tamriel to the Shivering Isles, although most followers are prevented from following you through the gate connecting the worlds. A few known exceptions are:
    • If the Adoring Fan is killed, and he respawns while you are in the Isles, he will be bugged. To solve this problem, simply kill him again and make sure you are in Tamriel when he respawns the next time.
    • Dark Seducers or Golden Saints may suffer from the bug where they appear when you are released after serving jailtime in Cyrodiil.
  • If you manage to talk to a Shivering Isles NPC who the developers did not expect to ever enter conversation. In particular, this applies to normally hostile NPCs (e.g., Heretics or Zealots) if you manage to increase their Disposition to an unusually high value.
  •   If you use Console commands to move your character from one world to another, or use the console to force NPCs to appear in the wrong world. Third-party mods that move the player without updating the correct variables can also trigger the glitch.This can be fixed by invoking setPlayerInSEWorld 0 (or setPlayerinSEWorld 1). It can also be fixed by going through the Gate to Cyrodiil and returning in the right world.

Dark Seducer Gender ConfusionEdit

Female Dark Seducers refer to male characters as "The Duchess of Mania." The bug is due to the Dark Seducer dialogue checking their own gender rather than that of the player.

Doubles with Staff of WormsEdit

After killing Syl's double, if the Staff of Worms is used on the double the game will now count her as Syl, meaning when she dies you get a quest message saying you should now take her heart. You can't do this because she doesn't have it, not being the correct NPC. To solve this, just go to the garden, then in the secret door, and your markers will show up and the quest will fix itself. Or just don't use the Staff of Worms on her.

Invisibility and Loading ScreensEdit

If you cast an invisibility spell just before you open a loading screen door, so that you are invisible once it's finished loading, you can get stuck in place, the invisible timer will stop, and all you can do is access menus, and look around. It is undetermined if you can fast travel when this happens.

Currently, the only known fixes are: drink a potion, eat an ingredient, or cast an effect on yourself. This will break your invisibility and allow you to move.

  • This has also been known to happen in Tamriel.

Duplicate Dawnfang/DuskfangEdit

  • If you have Dawnfang or Duskfang equipped while riding your horse at the time that it switches from one to the other (dusk or dawn), you will receive a message that the item cannot be removed, yet the other will be added to your inventory. If you quickly dismount the horse and drop Dawnfang, and then you have one of each. Unfortunately it doesn't last.
A tip: If you perform this glitch, your original Dawnfang/Duskfang sword may stop changing form. To restore it to normality, simply discard your second copy of the sword---sell it, drop it, whatever---and the original sword will begin changing again.
  • If you have Dawnfang or Duskfang equipped while fast traveling to a location in Cyrodiil and the time changes, the same message will pop up and you will receive an extra copy of Dawnfang/Duskfang. This method seems to allow you to keep the copy, as some players have been able to store up to 3 copies of the sword. However, one should save before attempting this glitch as there is still a lot to be learned as to its implications. This works when traveling to or from anywhere. You should NOT be on a horse, and it seems that you might have to move around upon loading to get the message and receive the copy.
  • This seems to be the best and easiest method in acquiring multiple copies of the Dawnfang/Duskfang. When you get the Staff of Worms from the final Mages Guild quest or the Risen Flesh Greater Power from the Shivering Isles quest Hill of Suicides as well as the Skull of Corruption from the Vaermina Shrine quest you can use this method. Go into a bandit cave with the Staff of Worms and the Skull of Corruption, along with the Dawnfang/Duskfang. Kill a bandit, and then remove his weapon if it is still equipped. Then put the Dawnfang/Duskfang on his corpse and equip the Staff of Worms (Or you can use the Risen Flesh Great Power). Cast it on the corpse and it will bring him back from the dead. Then quickly equip the Skull of Corruption and cast it on him. It will create an identical clone. Kill the clone and he will drop the Dawnfang/Duskfang before he vanishes. Then wait for the spell to wear off on the bandit zombie and loot his body for your original Dawnfang/Duskfang weapon back. Now you have two copies that are permanent.
  • This version is potentially easier than the above method. It is quite simple, but you can only do it if you have acquired Dawnfang/Duskfang before completing the quest Dagon Shrine as part of the main storyline. Take it with you when you go to do this quest. When Harrow takes your possessions, he will take the sword with him. When you get to the end of the shrine after you make the choice and steal the book, kill Harrow. If the time for it to change to the alternate form occurs while Harrow has it in his possession, it will be duplicated, as for some unknown reason, it doesn't get removed. Then just complete this quest as per the norm.
  • It should also be noted that the copies of Dawn/Duskfang do not change. Therefore if you make a copy of Duskfang, it will not become Dawnfang during the day. This is also true with the Superior versions of the sword.
  • If you go to jail with Dawn/Duskfang equipped, it is possible that Dusk/Dawnfang will be duplicated

Note: you might want to save before attempting this as nothing is known about any potential in-game issues that duplicating this item could cause.

  • Also, if you just so happen to be attacking something at the very moment that it hits 6:00 (game time) you'll get the message "You cannot change weapons while attacking" and you will get a brand new Dusk/Dawnfang with a new kill count, but neither will change or count kills while the other weapon is in your inventory.

Note: When this happens you won't be able to attack again until you go into your inventory and equip a weapon other than Dusk/Dawnfang.

WARNING: Trying this glitch has a small possibility of making Dawnfang/Duskfang disappear from your inventory permanently so use with caution.

Ahjazda Won't be CalmedEdit

In the side-quest The Coming Storm, a glitch occurs where you cannot give the Calming Pants to Ahjazda. It is believed this occurs if you give more than one sweetroll to Fimmion. It is not possible to complete the quest if you have saved after the glitch occurs. Solution: console: player.removeitem 00078727 1

Missing Name itemEdit

There is an item in the game that can show up as <MISSING NAME> in your inventory. The item has a blank green (on Xbox 360) or purple (on PC) icon with no weight or value indicated on the right-hand side of the item in the inventory. However, it is possible for it to have a weight value of -1, which can be noticed by dropping it or storing it in a container(as long as a message doesn't appear warning you that it cannot be removed from your inventory). Attempting to sell or drop the item prompts said warning, that it is a quest item and the attempt will be aborted.

  • The <MISSING NAME> item can also be used in conjunction with the "duplication with scrolls" glitch, spawning however many gnarls as scrolls used (depending on whether you can drop the item or not), although it is not advised to do so, as spawning only one gnarl will lower the chances of hostility towards other NPCs or creatures, whereas if many gnarls are spawned, it is more likely for one of them to become hostile to anyone else in the area, including villagers and townspeople, but rarely towards the player character. It is also reported that the townsfolk will become hostile towards them immediately, instead of the other way around.
  • WARNING* The <MISSING NAME> item may cause the Xbox 360 version to either freeze or shut down the system when dropped or "held" from the inventory (LB button). In the event you pick up this game crashing item, you can get rid of it by putting it on a corpse. Unlike dropping or holding the item, it does not crash the game.

Ring of DisrobingEdit

This rare item removes all of your equipped gear when you put it on. This results in the previously-known Permanent Effects from Quest Items glitch from pre-Shivering Isles Oblivion, with one key difference. Whereas all previous methods of exploiting this glitch involved one-time specific quest events (or racking up some jail-time), the ring can be used over and over again, on every equippable quest item in the game if you so choose.

Increase your Maximum Level and Attribute ValuesEdit

The quest Addiction will require you to become addicted to an ingredient called Felldew for the duration of the mission. At its most extreme level, this addiction results in lowering all of your attributes between 10 and 15 points. In an attempt to prevent you from using potions or spells to re-raise your attributes rather than damaging or draining them, the game temporarily lowers your base attributes. Because of this, if you had previously reached your level cap due to maxing out your attributes, you can now level up again, and if you level up while suffering from Felldew addiction, you can increase previously maxed attributes and at the mission's conclusion when your attributes are restored, these additions stay. Towards the end of the quest, when you drink from the Chalice of Reversal, you can never become addicted to Felldew and recreate this effect again.

Felldew GlitchEdit

During the Addiction quest, it is possible for Elytra to not drop the Felldew you need to proceed into Dunroot Burrow. At first, it may seem that only some of the Elytra do not have the required Felldew, as not all of them do anyway; but if you head to Dunroot Burrow at the required time and do not find a green glowing Elytra at the entrance, then no other Elytra will have the felldew. This makes it impossible to enter Dunroot Burrow, and therefore, impossible to complete the Main Quest. See Addiction quest bugs for solution details.

Disappearing SheogorathEdit

Occasionally after completing the quest Retaking The Fringe, Sheogorath is nowhere to be found. On the PC version, enter the following into the console while in front of his throne to get him back:
PRID 13641
If he's still not there: moveto player
If he's finally back but invisible: saa 1

Mesh Duplication Bug for Loading NPCsEdit

If the player is moving into a new cell, the NPCs loaded into that cell may have their body meshes duplicated. This can be observed when two or more body meshes, such as heads or clothes, can be seen on the NPC. It also causes visual lighting and facial deformations when having a conversation with the affected NPC.

  • This bug can be noticed in the original game without Shivering Isles installed, too.

Can't Get Rid of Your BountyEdit

If you have completed the Shivering Isles Main Quest and usurped Sheogorath, you will not be able to go to jail to pay off your fines. You only have the options to "Fight Guard", (equivalent to Resist Arrest), "Go with Guard", (in which they will take you to the New Sheoth Graveyard, confiscating any stolen items, and trusting you to sort the matter out "in your own time, in your own way", leaving you with your bounty), or "Pay Reparations" (the same as "Pay Gold" in Cyrodiil, you pay off your bounty and have all of your stolen items confiscated – unless they are quest items, such as the Boots of Springheel Jak, if you have not given them to the Gray Fox in the required quest). However, as in Cyrodiil, if your bounty exceeds 5,000 gold, you will only have the options to Fight Guard or Go with Guard, the first raising your bounty by 1,000 gold per kill, the second depositing you in the New Sheoth Graveyard without any stolen items. It is not possible to pay off your bounty in this case, as fighting the guards raises your bounty, and going with them merely places you outside the city.

Note that it is possible to have a Dark Seducer run out to you in the Graveyard and talk to you; if you follow them, you will go back to the Graveyard and the Seducer will talk to you again, leaving you in an endless loop until you kill the Seducer or fast travel to another location.

This can be rectified by using the player.PayFineThief console command, removing your bounty. The thief part of the command ensures that stolen goods are not removed from your inventory. Alternatively, the player.SetCrimeGold 0 command can be used.

Removing Bounty after Becoming Prince of MadnessEdit

If you cannot pay off your bounty after becoming the Prince of Madness, go to either Brellach or Pinnacle Rock. Go to the opposite location from which you did the quest and attack one of the guards. They will state what they usually do when you have committed a crime but they will let you pay the fine.

Walk Through WallsEdit

If you chose to become the Duke/Duchess of Dementia, you can walk through the wall in the private gardens, leading to a strange area. If you jump up onto the ledge in between the door to the Duke's quarters and the bust of Sheogorath that leads to the ruins, you should be able to walk through the wall. You will not be able to jump back up again, although it is possible to activate one of the three doors in the gardens to escape.

Bust of SheogorathEdit

When you enter the Secret Garden for House of Dementia by way of Xirethard, there is no key to enter the house (unless you have become Duke/Duchess) and the bust does not let you back into Xirethard. The guards also do not carry keys and there is no key in the Duchess's chamber.

  •   The Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch fixes this bug.
  • This can be fixed if you are carrying a clothing item that causes damage on yourself (Blackwood Ring of Silence for example) when equipped and you have usurped Sheogorath (meaning you have the Sheogorath's Protection Lesser Power). If you equip the damaging item and allow your health to drop dangerously low then un-equip it and cast Sheogorath's protection, you will be taken to the throne room and healed.

Wrong Dialogue While Fighting the Knights of OrderEdit

When the new Gatekeeper is ready for battle, it will immediately be attacked by a handful of Knights and Priests of Order. These characters do not speak in normal circumstances, but since they are programmed, during this short battle, not to attack the player but the Gatekeeper instead, their dialogue script corresponds to those of allied NPCs. Consequently, if you attack one of them, he will shout "I'm on your side!" However, attacking the Knights instead of waiting for the Gatekeeper to get rid of them does not have any consequence.

Haskill Won't TalkEdit

Sometimes Haskill won't talk. This means he just stands there, does nothing and cannot be activated. To fix it, just cast Summon Haskill.

No OrderEdit

When you finish creating the new Gatekeeper, it is possible that the Knights won't appear and Felas Sarandas will be left standing around in Passwall.

Permanent Saints/SeducersEdit

This is an exploitable glitch which can be used to create a permanent Golden Saint or Dark Seducer on the Xbox and PC. The steps are as follows:

  • Use the Summon Golden Saint/Dark Seducer greater power.
  • Find a way to trap it (such as behind a gate which requires pressing a button to open).
  • Exit the cell, making sure that when you arrive in the new cell that the Saint/Seducer is not with you.
  • Save the game, then immediately reload without unpausing the game.
  • When it loads there should no longer be a spell timer for that summon. (If there is, retry the process but this time instead of saving, let it autosave.)

These new NPCs are no longer considered to be summons. You can summon other creatures/NPCs and they will not be replaced. Their bodies will not vanish upon death and you can retrieve their shields and swords. You can repeat the process as many times as you want.


  • It's possible to complete the glitch without trapping the summoned creature, if they are battling an enemy when you exit the cell they may not always follow you until their fight is finished, once you and the summoned creature are in different cells you can save and load quickly to cause the glitch in the same manner mentioned above
  • The same thing can actually be done with all Summon Spells exclusive to the Shivering Isles expansion pack, even if the spell was cast by an NPC or creature. Please note that for unknown reasons, any permanent Creature/NPC produced by this glitch, alive or dead, will vanish from the game if the player leaves their current cell for more than three days.
Note that certain summoned creatures will attack each other, even if they are different variations of the same species (e.g. Hungers will fight Ravenous Hungers, etc.), while others are the contrary; some creatures will mingle/co-exist with creatures of similar types/factions (for instance, Decrepit Shambles and Sanctified Dead will ignore each other and Golden Saints/Dark Seducers will have a friendly relationship with Dremora).
  • It is also possible to create permanent Corrupted Clones of Summoned Saints and Seducers using this method, even without ever dropping the Skull of Corruption. One can then go so far as to use the Skull of Corruption to make a Corrupted Clone of a Corrupted Clone.
  • Any permanently summoned Golden Saints or Dark Seducers produced by this glitch seem to suffer from the same glitch as the female Dremora NPCs, as they will not only display the "I HAVE NO GREETING" message if spoken to, but will not say anything if the Player or another NPC were to walk past them, nor will they taunt, shout, or even grunt, when fighting an enemy; they will be completely silent. This happens whether they were produced in Cyrodiil or the Shivering Isles.