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What is better? To be born good, or to overcome your evil nature with great effort? - Paarthurnax

This user performed with distinction in the Image Cleanup Project

About Me / Ok Tey / OK TEY

Zu'u mahfaeraak lost dil lokaal fah pruzah ru inkorav wikis, ru zu'u mahfaeraak lokaal wahlaan wah niin fod Zu'u fraan grik fozir wah grik lot rahzaas. I've always had a deep appreciation for well-run and managed Wikis, and have always enjoyed contributing to them when I feel so indebted to such a vast resource. Nii los pruzah bal naangeinro tiid wah enfavoth wah ensure tol zok wazahl frahzogin do pah vukahmiin do kred los til - krilot ahrk scholarly grav. It is well worth anyone's time to contribute to ensure that the most accurate information about all topics of the game are there - a valiant and scholarly effort.

I've played Skyrim on PC since February of 2012, after a friend of mine purchased the game for XBOX and got me hooked on it. So far I have easily put more than 3,000 hours into this game. I had never played - or even heard of - The Elder Scrolls Series before then, and intend on (eventually) familiarizing myself with the previous games. The lore is fascinatingly deep and wide - there's so much to digest and take in, that one could easily consider themselves an historian of TES.

I'm a Torontonian, a headhunter, and a Skyrim addict on the PC (Seriously, I don't play any other games). I plan on moving to Colorado this year (2015) and getting married there to my fiancee, who is also a Skyrim addict (initially on her PS3, but eventually I got her into Skyrim on the PC and upgraded her computer and screen from a 20" to a 32" for Christmas 2014! Fueling the addiction even further...).

My favorite way to contribute to the UESPWiki is by adding pictures, dialogue, and languages.


Klobexaat / KLOBEXAAT

User:GodRaine/Sandbox3 - For the SRQRP


Rahzaas / RAHZAAS

Daar los pah rahzaas Zu'u nuft grinstiid, ahrk fen deykelziik het: These are all resources I use frequently, and will bookmark here:

UESPWiki:Skyrim Map Design
UESPWiki:Skyrim Map Design Tutorial
UESPWiki:Image Cleanup Project

More to come!

Notable Contributions / Riid kiindah / RIID KIINDAH

Het los lith vuldak wah faal Wiki tol Zu'u felt lost peluth tum. Here are a few contributions to the Wiki that I felt were worth noting down.

Maps I've Assigned Perk Trees To

Grund Zu'u Vusiin Priizah Reyth Wah / GRUND ZU'U VUS3N PR3ZAH R9TH WAH

Major Edits

Hezdremhah vuldak / HEZDREMHAH VULDAK

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Things such as adding extensive amounts of dialogue, quest interactions, images, relationships, etc.

Minor Edits

Mol vuldak / MOL VULDAK

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To Do

Truk Zu'u praag wah das ofaal um wah: Things I need to eventually get around to:


Dii bexaat / DII BEXAAT

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