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Joined 15 July 2012
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Hello there! I'm Rook, formerly known as Skyrimplayer. As you can see from my userboxes, I am a Christian Bosmer who is also a penguin. Here on the wiki, I bear the title of Userspace Patroller *applause*. Userspace Patrollers are kind of like mini Patrollers. However, we can only mark edits to the userspace as patrolled. This includes userpages and user talk pages. On the forum, I am a Registered User with no official rank.

I can help you with questions about Oblivion and Skyrim, but I am relatively new to Morrowind, Arena, and Daggerfall. I know a good bit of lore, but if you want to debate about how long elves live or if Sheogorath is the Champion of Cyrodil, you might want to take that somewhere else.

(10/17/19): As embarassing as the above description is nowadays, I'm going to keep that there as a monument to my eternal shame.

Now on Discord, although I can't tell you why. @Rook

Boxes with Words!Edit

User-userbox-Patroller.jpg This user is a Recent Changes Patroller.
User-userbox-Linux Logo.png This user is a penguin. Yes, a penguin that can edit.
OB-Img-OreynPainting.jpg This user is an artist.
User-userbox-Oblivion.png This user is knowledgeable about Oblivion.
OB-img-Shrine of Sheogorath.JPG This user worships Sheogorath.
User-userbox-Pink Triangle.gif This user likes brightly colored, upside-down, three sided shapes.
User-userbox-PC Icon.png This user plays on a Windows PC.
User-userbox-Wiki Mercenary.png This user is a WikiMercenary.
MaleIcon.png This user is male.
LO-race-Bosmer.png This user is a member of the Bosmer race.
User-userbox-Trollspray.jpg This vigilant user has hunted down and edited a fair amount of vandalism.
User-userbox-Cross.jpg This user is a Christian.
Flag United States of America.png This user is from the United States.
Playstation.svg This user plays on the PlayStation.