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Enchanting Materials are items used in enchanting. They consist of Soul Gems and some alchemy ingredients. They can be found as loot from chests, found inside breakables, or bought from Severio Scerius or any enchanter.

Name Rarity Buying Price Selling Price Description
Common Soul Gem Common Soul Gem Uncommon 000048754,875Gold 0000009898Gold Filling Soul Gems is dangerous work, as ever more powerful creatures must be hunted to trap their souls in ever larger gems.
Deathbell Deathbell Common 00000250250Gold 0000001010Gold As the name would imply, the flower called Deathbell is lethally toxic, and as such has a variety of poison-related uses.
Elevated Soul Gem Elevated Soul Gem Uncommon 0001565015,650Gold 00000313313Gold The largest Soul Gems are unsurprisingly the most valuable... and tend to be used as quickly as they are obtained.
Exceptional Soul Gem Exceptional Soul Gem Uncommon 000072007,200Gold 00000144144Gold Soul Gems are often found powering the ancient machines of the Dwemer, but the secrets of their construction were lost with them...
Fire Salts Fire Salts Common 00000250250Gold 0000001010Gold Fire Salts are used to create Flame-related enchantments, potions and poisons, and great care must be taken when handling them...
Frost Salts Frost Salts Common 00000250250Gold 0000001010Gold Frost Salts are used to create Frost-related enchantments, potions and poisons, and are usually collected from the remains of slain Frost Atronachs.
Glow Dust Glow Dust Common 00000250250Gold 0000001010Gold Typically collected from Wisps, Glow Dust is a magical component used in enchantments, potions and poisons.
Glorious Soul Gem Glorious Soul Gem Uncommon (?)(?)Gold 00000679679Gold Only well-trained enchanters with the finest equipment can handle the power trapped within this gem.
Grand Soul Gem Grand Soul Gem Uncommon (?)(?)Gold 00000461461Gold Trapping the souls of sentient creatures, such as a human or elf, is forbidden by numerous Mage Guilds.
Greater Soul Gem Greater Soul Gem Uncommon 0001062510,625Gold 00000213213Gold Because the temptation to experiment with Black Soul Gems is strong and dangerous, enchanters tend to learn their craft under heavy supervision.
Honeycomb Honeycomb Common 00000250250Gold 0000001010Gold Finding Honeycomb to use in stamina-related enchantments is easy... but safely collecting it is another matter entirely.
Imp Stool Imp Stool Common 00000250250Gold 0000001010Gold A small fungus found in forests and caves, the Imp Stool can be used in both Health potions and poisons.
Lesser Soul Gem Lesser Soul Gem Uncommon (?)(?)Gold 0000004545Gold With upgraded equipment, and enchanter could use this gem and the weak soul trapped within to enhance weapons, armor, and jewelry.
Middling Soul Gem Middling Soul Gem Uncommon (?)(?)Gold 0000006666Gold The more powerful the soul, the larger the Soul Gem must be to contain it... and this one isn't very big.
Petty Soul Gem Petty Soul Gem Uncommon (?)(?)Gold 0000003030Gold Soul Gems are used to enchant weapons, armor, and jewelry.
Transcendent Soul Gem Transcendent Soul Gem Uncommon (?)(?)Gold 000010001,000Gold The power emanating from this gem sends a shiver down your spine, for what kind of creature has such a powerful soul?
Void Salts Void Salts Common 00000250250Gold 0000001010Gold A key ingredient in creating Shock-infused enchantments, potions and poisons, Void Salts are best kept in the laboratory... and off the dinner table.
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