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Blades:Henrik Seven-Swords

Blades: NPCs
Henrik Seven-Swords
Location Town
Race Nord
Gender Male
Faction(s) Blades
Henrik Seven-Swords

Henrik Seven-Swords is a blademaster in Town. He is first encountered in Meet the Old Blademaster and can be found near the gate of the western wall thereafter. He appears to be the only person in town to know your identity as a secret Blade.

Related QuestsEdit


Main QuestEdit



Quest-Related EventsEdit

Meet the Old BlademasterEdit

"Well, well. It's been a long time.
I was wondering when I'd see your ugly mug again..."
It's good to see you too, Henrik.
"Don't get used to it. I'm getting old and this world keeps finding new ways to try and kill me!"
Ha! That'll be the day...
"I have to say I was a bit worried when I heard the Emperor had agreed to the Aldmeri Dominion's terms...
Outlawing the Blades, slaughtering them in the streets... I wasn't sure you'd survive."
Well, I did have the best teacher... once.
""Once?" I still have a lesson or two to teach. Want to try me?"
Sure, if you think you can handle it...
"Don't you worry about me. Come on, I don't have all day!"

After the fight:

"Well done. I'm pleased my teachings weren't completely forgotten.
Before I forget, an informant tells me there are some of the Bloodfall Queen's mercenaries near Falcon Hills Deep.
I've also been told their association with the Queen may be at an end."
That informant sure has a lot to tell.
"Oh, yes. He's quite talkative.
Care to pay these thugs a visit? You may have to kill a few of them to loosen their tongues."
I think I will…
"Let me know if my informant was right."
I'll think about it.
"Really? Sounds like city life has made you soft."

Mercenaries on the RunEdit

After completing the quest:

"So, did you learn anything?"
The Bloodfall Queen has an undead problem.
"Well, that's some sort of poetic justice, I guess."

Practice with Henrik Seven-SwordsEdit

In the arena:

"All right, let's try again. Be warned, this time I won't go so easy on you."

After the fight:

"While I won't say I'm impressed, it's clear you've been paying attention to our lessons. We may make a true champion out of you yet!"

The Justiciar ComethEdit

"You appear troubled. What's wrong?"
The Thalmor need help catching a rouge Blade…
"Well, that does put you in a bind.
It gives me an idea, though. Tell them the Blade is hiding in the old soldiers' camp. With a bit of luck, they'll be eaten by the trolls that infest the place!"
That might just work…
"Be sure to let me know how the Thalmor fare against those trolls!"

Practice with Henrik Seven-Swords IIIEdit

"I found this quite some time ago. I'm fairly certain it's Dwemer in origin. I've been wanting to try it for a while… do you mind?"
Go ahead!

After defeating him:

"Well, it's obvious the mace isn't my weapon of choice."
Well, your name's Henrik Seven-*Swords*…
"Right! One day I'll have to tell you where that name comes from…"

Practice with Henrik Seven-Swords IVEdit

"I thought we'd do something special today, so I brought my most prized possession.
Behold! An Ebony Longsword I lifted from the corpse of a Dremora years ago."
Looks cute.
"Cute? Cute?! How dare you!"

After defeating him:

"What a lively battle! I should wield this blade more often."
Aren't you giving it to me as a reward for beating you?
"You thought I'd give you my prized ebony blade if you beat me? Are you daft?
Here, take this one instead. It will serve you well."

The Forbidden DivineEdit

"Is it true? Are the Thalmor arresting worshippers of Talos?"
Yes, it's true.
"Those dogs! Why can't they just let people pray to their gods in peace?
You need to discover who tipped off the Thalmor and then warn the worshippers of Talos before they get caught."
Do you know where they are?
"I'm not exactly the religious type. Ask the other townsfolk, they might know."

If spoken to again:

"Better hurry up, there's no telling what the Thalmor will do to those poor villagers."

The Haunted GroveEdit

"How are our... ""guests"" doing?"
They're still asking me for leads...
"Perfect, you'll be safe as long as you maintain the charade. Why don't you take them to the cave in Haunted Grove, and let the Wispmother take care of them?"
And of me, too?
"You haven't changed a bit... always complaining."

If spoken to again:

"Let me know how much the Thalmor enjoy Haunted Grove."

A Snake in the GrassEdit

"What's this I hear about a Greencap spy?"
We believe there is one in town.
"Ha! Well you've got your work cut out for you, then. Any suspects so far?"
I'm suspecting Guthrum.
"The priest? Never really liked that fellow. But then again, I don't like priests in general, so there's that."
A few people seem to think it's Wanum.
"Well, people tend to fear what they don't know, and not a lot of townsfolk here know much about Argonians..."
Theodor Gorlash does act very strange.
"I'm sorry, I have no idea who that is."
I'm still looking.
"All right, good luck!"

The MessengerEdit


Once the quest is complete:

"So, did you take care of that messenger?"
I did.
"Good. That should buy us some time."

If spoken to again:

"Let me know how the Thalmor react to the news of their messenger's... unfortunate accident."


"What's on your mind?"
What should I know about the Bloodfall Queen?
"She isn't as bad as you might think. A bit ruthless perhaps, but given the state of things, that's hardly surprising.
Be careful, she may prove to be your superior in combat. After all, I trained her myself."
What's the story with her father?
"That thug? His father, the Bloodfall King, disinherited him. That's why his daughter sits on the throne today.
He ended up leading a coup against his own child, willing to kill her to rule this tiny kingdom."
Did she kill him?
"No, he fled after his coup failed. No one's heard from him since."

I'd like to practice some moves.
"Sure. What did you want to practice?"
High blocks.
"Okay, let's do this."
"Try to anticipate attacks and raise your shield just when one is coming to stagger your opponent.
Just go back to town when you've had enough practice. Here we go!"
Critical hits.
Combo attacks.
Nothing, I changed my mind.
"Sure, you don't need to practice, right? You already know everything!"
Does anyone else know about my... situation?
"No one knows but me, and I'll take that secret to the grave."
Thank you for that.
"Anyway, I doubt the Thalmor would make the journey to our town. I'd wager most people in Tamriel have no idea it even exists!"
What do you think of the attack on the town?
"That green fire wasn't natural. Those mercenaries had no idea what they would unleash when they broke that statue."
Nothing important, we'll talk some more later.
"A good day to you, Warrior.'


  • Henrik can have a quest marker over his head, but no dialogue option to start the related quest. It appears for a higher level quest, but can’t actually flag the quest until you get to the required level. ?
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