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Blades: Items
Ebony Atronite Ring, a typical jewelry item

Jewelry are items in Blades that can be equipped that give bonus ranks to one or more skills. They can also be enchanted to gain a specific effect. There are two different types of jewelry: necklaces and rings. Rings give bonus ranks to spells and abilities, while necklaces have ranks for perks. You must have first unlocked and learned a skill before you can benefit from any bonus ranks you have for it. You can equip one necklace and two rings at a time. Jewelry can be forged at the Smithy or bought at the Enchanter's Tower, as well as found in chests.

Jewelry and jewelry crafting were not in the game at the start of early access, and were added in Patch 1.1.

Value and GradesEdit

The specific statistics of the jewelry bonuses are hard to determine, but there are some known stats that influence what your jewelry will provide. The value (or tier) of the jewelry only determine to which skills bonus ranks can be given. Low value jewelry provide bonus ranks to skills with a low minimum level requirement. More valuable jewelry can give bonus ranks to skills higher up the skill trees, as well as give extra bonus ranks to the skills below them.

However, the value is not the only thing that determines the stats of the jewelry. There are 6 different grades that increasingly give more skills, up to three, and the number of bonus ranks provided. Grades can be identified by their name. Every grade after the first adds a different prefix to the item's name: common, sparkling, gleaming, radiant, dazzling, and resplendent.


Bonus ranks are not the only bonuses that jewelry provide. They can be enchanted with different effects. Necklaces have either retaliating elemental damage effects or the increase of the regeneration of an attribute. Rings have either a direct increase of a specific elemental damage type or the restoration of an attribute upon melee hit. Besides these, they can also have up to two random Bonus Enchantments. For the specific enchanting effects, see Enchanting Necklaces or Enchanting Rings.