Blades:Rebuilding the Smithy

Blades: Quests: Main Quest
Main Questline
Help Lond rebuild his smithy.
Rarity: Common
Quest Giver: Junius the Elder
Location(s): Town
Prerequisite Quest: Rebuilding the Town Hall
Next Quest: The Greencap Bandits
Concurrent Quest: Lumber Run
Reward(s): 0000001212Iron Ingots, 0000003535Lumber, 0000002525Limestone, Prestige, Unlocks Jobs
Prestige: +100
XP: 135
ID: MQ06
Lond and the ruined smithy.
I rescued the town's blacksmith, now I need to help him rebuild his forge.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to the Blacksmith.
  2. Rebuild the smithy.
  3. Talk to the Blacksmith again.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Junius will instruct you to speak with Lond about rebuilding his Smithy. You will likely not have enough materials to begin construction. Lond will suggest that you complete a lumber run in order to get the wood required. Once you have 0000004343Limestone, 0000005050Lumber, 0000003232Copper, and 00000600600Gold, you may begin constructing the smithy in any two adjacent available ruins. After 0000005S5STime, you can finish construction. Speak with Lond again, who now resides in the smithy you built. He will offer you materials as thanks.