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Event Quest
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Defeat the enemies using only bashing damage.
UnavailableUnavailableTime (refresh)
Rarity: Rare
Location(s): Ayleid ruin
Reward(s): 0LeveledLeveledSigils, Leveled Smithing Materials, (Every stage, increasing per stage)
Stage 5 Bonus Reward: 0LeveledLeveledGems
XP: 700 (Every stage)
ID: EQ10_Ayleid
Sticks and Stones
Primeval forces have reshaped the monsters in the forlorn tomb found beyond the portal. No blade will pierce their skin, no element will harm them - only by using bashing weapons can I hope to defeat them.
BL-icon-Bashing Weapons.png Use bashing weapons
BL-icon-SkillCategories-Stamina.png Use abilities
Smash your way to victory



In this event, enemies are only able to be harmed through the use of weapons and abilities that utilize bash damage. Throughout this stage, you may notice that the positioning of certain enemies may force you into consecutive combat encounters. It is possible to avoid this by carefully pulling in one enemy at a time; however, if you find yourself struggling to successfully do this, it may be wise to stock up on potions that restore health, stamina, and magicka.

Proceed cautiously

Break Your BonesEdit

Upon starting the stage, you will find yourself in a large room in an Ayleid ruin smothered by an orange haze. Immediately, you will notice two skeletons guarding the way forward. This will be the first of many times the stage tries to force you to pull multiple enemies. In this scenario, however, you can bypass this by approaching the two slowly from either the left or right. After dealing with them, make your way down the hallway. You will soon find yourself at the mouth of a small corner room with a spriggan ahead. Instead of running towards it, let it come to you once it's noticed you, as there is another skeleton waiting around the corner for an ambush. Head up the stairs into the next hallway and you will find your path blocked by another spriggan and skeleton duo. The spriggan may look further away; however, their range of aggression extend almost to the same exact spot. You may notice two chandeliers on the ceiling above you. On the floor directly between these chandeliers, there should be a small patch of rubble. You should be able to pull the spriggan first if you slowly approach the edge of the rubble and back away. Continuing forward, you will come to a massive room with a large hole in the ceiling and a crater in the ground. There will be another skeleton and spriggan duo blocking your path; this time complicated by another skeleton and spriggan roaming the vicinity. It is recommended that you deal with the two roaming enemies first. As for the two stationary enemies blocking your path, the spriggan can be pulled first by hugging the wall and approaching the second candle.

The stage boss guarding the chest

Chests Never Hurt YouEdit

After this, the rest of the stage is pretty straightforward. There will be one last spriggan guarding the stairs out of the room. After they are dealt with, you will eventually find yourself in a room occupied by a Golden chest under the guard of a skeleton serving as the stage boss. Defeat them and collect your reward in order to complete the stage.