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Blades:The Founder's Statue

Blades: Quests: Main Quest
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Main Questline
Recreate and restore the statue of the town's Founder.
Rarity: Rare
Location(s): Town
Next Quest: Wrath of the Sorcerer-King
Concurrent Quest: The Five Stones
Reward(s): 00000200200Copper, 000000044Elevated Soul Gems
Prestige: +500
XP: 1800
ID: MQ24
Recommended Level: Player Level 1
We must craft a new Marble statue to house the Elder Scroll and the Varla Stones, then place it where the old Founder's Statue used to be, in front of the Town Hall.


  • Talk to the Town Elder
  • Craft the Founder's Statue
  • Tell Junius the statue is ready
  • Place the Founder's Statue in front of the Town Hall
  • Place the Varla Stones

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak with Junius the Elder.
  2. Go to Workshop and craft the statue, requires 35,000 Gold, 100 pieces of Marble, and 50 crystals.
  3. Return to Junius the Elder then place the Founder's Statue above the hole leading beneath the town.
  4. Complete High Treason to find the location of the Varla Stones.
  5. Complete The Five Stones and return to Town.
  6. Place Varla Stones in sockets on the statue.
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