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Blades:The Five Stones

Blades: Quests: Main Quest
Main Questline
Travel to Valenwood and find the five Varla Stones.
Rarity: Rare
Quest Giver: Wanum
Location(s): Valenwood
Concurrent Quest: The Founder's Statue
Reward(s): 0001000010,000Gold, 0000007575Gems, Fountain of Mara
Prestige: +150
XP: 2000
ID: MQ23
Prerequisites: Town Level 7, High Treason
Recommended Level: Player Level 37
BL-quest-The Five Stones.jpg
We must find the five Varla stones to activate the Founder's Statue and trap the Sorcerer-King back in his tomb.


Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Varla Stone of Air

Before embarking on this quest, it is recommended that you have a weapon that does shock damage, armor that has shock resistance, and potions of resist shock. These are vital for dealing with the Undead Dragon.

As you start, you will have to cross a wooden bridge where you will encounter Belegond and Aerwaen, they will tell you that necromancers are indeed at the shrine of Mara. After speaking to them, continue on and you will have to deal with a forest spider, once defeated, continue on where you will encounter a wisp and a wispmother.

Just after this, you will have to fight a spriggan earth mother that is guarding the Varla Stone of Frost, once you collect it, retrace your steps and continue down the other path.

Down this other path there are three forest trolls in a clearing, once they are dealt with, you will then have to fight a giant forest spider and a forest spider. Just after these spiders are a pair of skeleton knights and the undead Dragon, as stated before, shock attacks to drain the dragon's magicka are vital so that it cannot bombard you with shouts, drink a shock resistance potion as well to lessen the shock damage the Dragon does.



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