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Blades: NPCs
Location Town
Race Argonian
Gender Male

Wanum is the Bloodfall Queen's right-hand man. Initially encountered in her castle, he then takes up residence in the Town to keep an eye on your progress.

Related QuestsEdit

Main QuestEdit

Bloodfall QueenEdit

Goblin ScourgeEdit



Quest-Related EventsEdit

The Bloodfall QueenEdit

Before speaking to the Queen:

"Please do not keep the Queen waiting."
"Tread carefully, Warrior…"
"Please direct all inquiries to her highness herself."
"What is it?"
"Looking for something?"

Picking up the PiecesEdit

When approached he has a message for you:

"The Bloodfall Queen requests your assistance."
Does she now?
"It appears the Greencaps have attacked a nearby settlement, and her Highness wants you to investigate.
We need to make sure the bandits did this, and find as much as we can about the attack.
You will do this for your beloved sovereign, yes?"
I will.
"That is like sunshine on my scales. Please report everything you see there."
Tell the queen I need to think about it.
"Hrmph. You think too much."

If spoken to again before going to the settlement:

"Be sure to let me know what you saw at the raided settlement."

Once you return:

"So, what do you have to report?"
The settlement was destroyed.
"Was it the Greencaps?"
Yes, and some mercenaries.
"I will report this to the Queen. Thank you."

The Lair of the Sorcerer-KingEdit

When spoken to:

"Can I help you with anything, dryskin?"
Heard anything about undead sightings in the region?
"You mean apart from the attacks on our stronghold? Hmmm, let me think…
Fort Cassynder has been considered haunted for as long as I can remember it. Maybe you should try there."

The Five StonesEdit

"Good news, Warrior. The Queen sends word that the death mage finally broke and told us everything. The necromancers' hideout is found near Valenwood. Apparently they have some powerful enchanted stones... Varla stones, I think?
Are you ready to go?"
I'm on my way.
In a little while.
"Take all the time you need."

If spoken to again:

"You know where the stones are. All you need to do now is get them back."

Wrath of the Sorcerer-KingEdit

Once the Sorcerer-King has been defeated:

"You have defeated a great evil today."

You then have three options to reply with, the first being:

That is correct.
"Most impressive. I wish I could have seen it. The Queen owes you much."

The second option is:

Something like that.
"Nonsense. You are a hero! I will tell your story for as long as this mouth can speak."

The third option is:

Yes. Where were you?
"Right here. Why do you ask?"
No reason.
"The river is calm. It is a good day. On behalf of the Queen, I thank you."
You could have helped.
"In another stream, perhaps, but this is your day. Rejoice!"

The Greencaps' TrailEdit

"So? Did you hear anything?"
Rumors of bandits in Woodhope Keep.
"That is... interesting. That keep has been in disrepair for years. We will go together. There may be jagged rocks in this river. What do you say, Warrior?"
I say we go and find out.
"Very good. I'll be right behind you."
I doubt these rumors are true.
"Point taken. Let me know if you change your mind."

If spoken to again if you rejected the quest:

"We should look into those rumors that bandits have set up a nest in Woodhope Keep."

If spoken to again if you accepted the quest:

"Ready to go when you are, dryskin. Just say the word."

In the Keep:

"Something's ahead, I can smell it."

When spoken to:

"All right, let's see if we can find any bandits."
"Let's go a little bit further, I think I hear something."

When reporting back to him:

"Did you find any bandits?"
No, only goblins and trolls.
"Hmm. This clouds the waters. We should return to town and figure out our next move."

If spoken to again:

"Let us head back to town and figure out how to proceed, yes?"

In the Queen's ServiceEdit

When first approached:

"The Queen bids you to meet her in Drakewood Forest, where a bandit outpost has been discovered. She will tell you what she expects of you. In person.
Are you ready to go?"
Ready as I'll ever be.
"Better hurry to it, then."
I have other things to do first.
"Are you sure these can't wait?"

If spoken to again if you accepted the quest:

"Please do not keep the Queen waiting."

If spoken to again if you rejected the quest:

"The Queen awaits in Drakewood forest with a special mission for you."

Once you return from Drakewood forest:

"What news do you bring, Warrior?"
The Greencaps are working with the goblins.
"I'll be... I have never seen anything like this before! Something is very wrong here... But I suppose we will have to wait until the Queen requires that we act. Bandits and goblins working together... what is this world coming to?"

Raid on the Bandits' BaseEdit

"Things are moving quickly, Warrior. The Queen is mounting an assault on the Greencaps' base. I cautioned her against it, given that most of her mercenaries have switched sides, but she would not listen. I fear what may happen to her, should her attack fail to go as planned.
Will you aid me in ensuring that no harm comes to her?"
I'll go. You stay here and protect the town.
"Understood. You have my gratitude, <PlayerName>."
She can take care of herself.
"That is true, but I can't speak for the few hired swords that still follow her. They don't care about her."

If spoken to again if you accepted the quest:

"Do not tarry, Warrior, or I fear dark waters may swallow us all."

If spoken to again if you rejected the quest:

"I fear the Queen's raid on the Greencaps' base is too risky."

Once you return:

"Warrior, you have returned! I trust the Queen is safe and sound?"
She is. I arrived just in time.
"Wonderful! <PlayerName>, you are now as an egg-brother to me."

If spoken to again:

"Thank you for protecting our Queen, Warrior. You are a true champion!"

A Snake in the GrassEdit

"The Queen believes a bandit spy may have overheard us discussing the attack, and warned the Greencaps in advance. We need to find this spy. You should ask around. Look for any sign of suspicious activity, anyone acting strange... Well, stranger than usual, anyway. Can you handle this?"
I'm on it.
"Good. Come back to see me if you find anything."
Why don't you do it?
"For some reason, the townsfolk trust me far less than they trust you."

If spoken to again if you accepted:

"Have you learned the identity of the bandit spy yet?"
Nothing so far.
"We are treading in dark waters. I do not like it one bit."

If spoken to again if you refused:

"The Queen needs you to ferret out the bandit spy hiding in this town."

Once you figure out who the spy is:

"Please, Warrior, tell me you've found something..."
Guthrum of the Isles is the bandit spy.
"The crazy priest? Well now, that is unexpected. Did you apprehend him?"
No. He's hiding in the Ayleid ruins nearby.
"He doesn't stand a chance against those undead. What was he thinking? I'll notify the queen and ask what she wants us to do. Thank you, <PlayerName>."

A Treacherous QuarryEdit

"The Queen has learned of Guthrum's treachery, and gives you her blessing to do with him as you see fit. She does suggest trying to get as much out of him as you can before you do, though."
I'll try.
"I know you will, dryskin."
That's if he's still alive to begin with.
"True. His egg spent too much time in the shade if he thought that was a good hiding place."

Both will lead to:

"Will you go after the traitor?"
You can be sure of that.
"Good. Let us know what you learned."
Let the wights deal with him.
"I am not sure that's wise. He could have valuable information."

If you refused to help:

"The Queen has put that traitor Guthrum's fate into your hands."

If spoken to again if you offered to help:

"Don't wait too long to find Guthrum, or the undead may claim him first"

Cutting Off the Snake's HeadEdit

When you return:

"It is troubling to learn that someone is paying thugs to harass the Queen. The river remains murky. We've dealt with the Greencaps, at least. One threat at a time is the best we can do. This small kingdom owes, you, Warrior."

The Queen's JusticeEdit

If spoken to before speaking to the Queen:

"Is anything the matter, Warrior?"
A farmer says his brother was murdered.
"Let me guess: he wants the Queen to do something about it."
He wants me to ask her.
"The Queen is busy with all the other claims, but you can always mention it to her. If he's lucky she'll agree to investigate his case."
She should do something.
"Until this town gets a new magistrate, people will have to learn to be patient. Pushing the water won't make the river flow faster."

After speaking to the Queen:

"Do you need anything?"
I need a royal warrant.
"A warrant? For you!?"

You then have two options to reply with, the first being:

Queen's orders.
"Hmm. The river is more troubled than I had imagined. Very well, I suppose the Queen knows what she's doing... Here you go."

The other option is:

You seem surprised.
"This warrant gives you the power of search and seizure throughout the realm. Such authority should not be treated lightly. Are you worthy of it?"
The Queen thinks so.
"Very well, I suppose the Queen knows what she's doing... Here you go."
Are you jealous?
"I have no cause to be jealous. Here, enjoy your newfound power."

The Farmer's PleaEdit

If spoken to before going to the village:

"You be responsible now, dryskin. You not only have the Queen's blessing, you represent the crown. Just remember that."

The Big HitEdit

When spoken to at the pier:

"I see neither of us were successful."
They knew we were coming.
"Indeed. What's more, I have found our Khajiit friend murdered, his head cut clean off. Carved into his chest was our Queen's insignia, the bleeding skull. This is a dread warning. Did you find anything?"
I found a letter. It says to stop investigating.
"I see. Well, nothing to do but report back to the Queen. She will not be pleased."

Once you're back at town:

"Don't worry, dryskin, we'll catch whoever killed your friend and make them pay."

Gabrielle's TreasureEdit

After speaking to the Queen:

"The Queen was quite furious with you for not telling her about the treasure. I had to remind her how loyal you had been, and how much we need you in these dark times."
Thank you for that.
"Sure. I just hope the treasure really is there."
I was going to tell her.
"Of course you were. Still, it would be wise not to do something like that again."

Either leads to:

"To tell you the truth, I'm not comfortable with this whole idea, but the Queen seems determined. Let's hope it's all worth it."

Once freed from his cage:

"Thank you, Warrior. I had a feeling you'd show up."
That's what I do.
"I'll put in a good word for you when we get back to safety."
Nothing gets by you.
"Except for traitorous mages, it seems."

Once back at town:

"Thanks again for your help, Warrior. The kingdom is once again in your debt."

No Honor Among ThievesEdit

"Greetings, Warrior. The Queen has a task for you."
What is the task?
"The Greencaps terrorize us with no signs of stopping. We need to strike a blow against them. But they are clever, and their base is well-defended."
I'm guessing you have a plan.
"The Greencaps conspire with goblins. We can make it appear as though they have broken the agreement. I've acquired a shield belonging to a lieutenant from the Greencaps. Kill the goblins camped near the bandits' headquarters. Leave behind the shield."
This plan sounds familiar.
"I heard of your previous work for Gaius Platorius. It seems to have been quite successful."
Not very creative.
"We must make do with what we have. The Queen's resources are stretched thin, especially with her hired men defecting to join the bandits."

Both lead to:

"Will you help us?"
"I am grateful. When you are ready, I will guide you to the goblin camp."
Not this time.
"I am... disappointed. Farewell."

Once you return:

"Thank you for your service, Warrior. I will see to it the Queen knows what you've done for her."

Tournament - Round 1 FinalsEdit

When approached in the Arena:

"Hello, dryskin. Fancy meeting you here."

The first option:

You can say that again.
"I hope you are fine with this."
Fine? I'm eager.
"Good. I would not want your defeat to affect our relationship outside of the arena."
Why, you big scaly bastard...
"Save your energy for the fight, Warrior. May the best warrior win the day."
I don't know yet.
"Well, if this makes you uneasy, you can always forfeit. I will not think less of you."
Yeah, you will.
"Well, maybe a little. On the other hand, I'd rather not see you get hurt... too much."
Shut up and fight me.
"Very well."
Nice try. Let's get this over with.
"If you insist."

The other option:

Why didn't you tell me?
"What if I lost in the first fight? I couldn't stand the embarrassment."
Well, you didn't.
"True, I did not."
I would never mock you.
"I am glad to hear it. Also, now we finally get to find out who's the best fighter, right?"
That we do, my friend.
"May the best warrior carry the day!"

Once you defeat him:

"Congratulations, egg-brother."
Are you okay?
"I'll live. It's a bit strange, though, isn't it?"
What is?
"I thought I'd be ashamed of losing to you...but I'm not. I’m... proud... of you?"
"You're welcome. Now let's never speak of this ever again."

Shadow of DoubtEdit

"Warrior, the Queen has need of your services."
What for?
"There is a village on the road to the Imperial City. People there have gone mad with fear about a haunted castle."
Local superstition?
"Yes, but something has happened recently to rekindle their fear. Someone with ill intent, perhaps."
"Perhaps. But ghosts don't just appear out of nowhere.
If a soul wants to haunt, it will do so from the day its body dies. The castle is ancient and long abandoned, but the fear is new.
No, it must be some new incident."
Gone mad?
"Perhaps mad is too extreme a word. They're being irrational, and it is a major inconvenience to Her Highness."
"Local trade is suffering, as people are taking detours to avoid both the castle and the village.
It is a detour that costs several days of travel.
Her Highness would like you to investigate and resolve the matter. What say you?"
Okay, I'll go.
"Good. Let me know what you find there."
Not right now.
"All right. Come back if you change your mind."

Once you return:

"Did you find any ghosts?"
That, and necromancers.
"As I thought. There are far too many fools who turn to that awful magic in this kingdom."
I'm pretty sure I did.
"What do you mean?"
Something helped me find the culprits.
"Well, as long as the situation is resolved, Her Highness will be satisfied."
Just a feeling.
"If you say so. Was there anything you did find at the castle?"
Necromancers performing a ritual.
"As I thought. There are far too many fools who turn to that awful magic in this kingdom."

Pool of DespairEdit

"There is a matter that begs your attention. Some people have been disappearing from a small village. The number has been steadily growing. The Queen would like you to find out why."
I will.
"Good. One of the people who has disappeared is a skilled ranger named Malanwen. She will be able to help, if she is still living. Be well, <PlayerName>."
Not right now.
"If left unchecked, more people will likely disappear. I will see if I can find someone else to take care of this..."

If spoken to again if you refused to help:

"You are the best person to look for these missing villagers. Please reconsider."
Okay, I'll do it.
The answer is still no.
"I erect the spine of concern. Perhaps this task is too big, even for the hero of <TownName>."

If spoken to again if you offered to help:

"The Queen grows impatient on this issue. Don't dally."


When first spoken to:

"Greetings, <name>. I am Wanum, special envoy of Queen Urzoga.
My job is to keep watch over you. She wants to make sure you're not stirring up trouble.
That said, you are welcome to try, yes?
Anything else?"
How did you come to serve the Bloodfall Queen?
"My parents came here during the reign of the Bloodfall King, the Queen's grandfather.
The future Queen took me under her wing. I have remained with her ever since."
What do you know about the Greencaps?
"Nothing would please me more than crushing their leader's skull under my heel.
You could say I don't care much for them."
No, I'm fine. Goodbye.
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