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Urzoga gra-Batul
(lore page)
Location Bloodfall Queen's Castle, Town
Race Orc
Gender Female
Urzoga gra-Batul

Urzoga gra-Batul, also known as the Bloodfall Queen, is the current ruler of the small Bloodfall kingdom where Town is located.

Related QuestsEdit

Main QuestEdit

Bloodfall QueenEdit


Quest-Related EventsEdit

The Bloodfall QueenEdit

The Bloodfall Queen

When first approached and spoken to:

"So, you're the one they call <name>? The one who's been killing all my men?"
Your men aren't worth the coin you paid for them.
"They are the best I could find. Admittedly, that's not saying much. That still doesn't give you the right to kill them."
Nor them the right to burn down my town.
Yes, I am.
"You admit to your crimes, then?"
You can add "regicide" to the list!/I only acted in my defense, and that of my town.
"So, you say you're from here. How is it that we've never met?"
Your grandfather was still king when I left.
"I see. Well, my grandfather could count on loyal soldiers to defend his realm.
Most of them died with him during the Great War, fighting for an Empire that has never given much of a damn about us.
I am forced to rely on mercenaries who are willing to work for a pittance, which is all I can afford.
With these, I have to defend the realm against the constant attacks from the Greencap Bandits.
And now, it seems we also need to fight goblins and the undead. All of that costs money…a lot of money.
When a town doesn't pay, I must act. That said, the fire was a complete accident. I never told anyone to break the statue.
For that, I am truly sorry."
I'll help you deal with your foes.
"Thank you, <name>. Wanum here will accompany you back to your town and serve as my emissary. You must have more questions for me…"


I accept your apology.
"Given the circumstances, I'll overlook your crimes of violence against my men…"
Thank you.
"Don't thank me yet. I will still need your help against my enemies. Wanum here will be my emissary."


You don't say…
"In exchange, I expect you to help me against my enemies. Wanum here will serve as my emissary. You must have more questions for me…"

You can then ask her questions:

Did your men find anything in that statue?
"My men brought back some enchanted stones and an ancient scroll, which they found inside the destroyed statue.
Do you think the undead might be after these artifacts? Should we get rid of them?
No, let's see if they come back first.
When did the undead attack start?
"Right after the raid on your town…do you think there is a link?"
Something got out when the statue was destroyed.
Tell me more about those bandits.
"The Greencaps were always a thorn in my grandfather's side, but lately they've become even more aggressive."
Any idea where their base is?
"If we did, there would be no problem. Maybe you can discover where they hide."
Tell me more about those goblins.
"There's been an increase in Goblin attacks over the past few months…could be due to a harsh winter, or overpopulation. Hard to tell.
There is an imperial envoy in your town. Gaius Platorius. He can tell you more about them."

What happened to your father?

"I do not speak of him. Never mention him again."
Okay, I won't.
Nothing more for now.
"Keep Wanum up to date with any new information. He will relay it to me. Take care, <name>. We'll meet again, Warrior."

The Missing ScrollEdit

"Ah, my favorite new subject. Did you run into more undead on your way here?"
Worse than that: necromancers.
"Death mages have been outlawed for centuries! I will not tolerate their presence in my realm now!"
They're after the scroll your men took.
I'm not your subject.
"As a citizen of my realm, you are my subject whether you like it or not."
Fine. Do you still have that scroll?

Either option leads to:

"The scroll that was inside of that statue? So, there really *was* something special about it, then? Unfortunately someone stole it from us. What's so special about it?"
We believe it's an Elder Scroll.
"An Elder Scroll? Are you sure?
I wish you had told me before our mage left yesterday to go after the thieves. I haven't heard from him since, and now fear the worst.
These necromancers must be responsible for the recent plague of undead. Could they use this scroll to cause even more mayhem?"
There's no telling what they could do with it.
"I'll send word for you if my mage comes back with any information. Thank you for your services, Warrior."

In the Queen's ServiceEdit

When first spoken to in the forest:

"Ah, Warrior! I am glad you heeded my call. I have a mission that is perfectly suited to your particular set of skills."
What do you need me to do?
"We have reason to believe the Greencap Bandits are meeting with goblins in a nearby camp to coordinate their actions. I need reconnaissance done to confirm this is the case. Can you do this for me?"
Of course.
"Good. The camp is not far from here; report to me once you have any information. Stay safe, Warrior."

If spoken to again:

"We need to be absolutely sure about this."

She is later met further into the forest:

"Warrior, I'm glad you're okay. Did you see anything?"
Your suspicions were correct.
"I knew it! We will have to deal with these accursed Greencaps once and for all! Thank you, Warrior, I will call for you when the time comes."

If spoken to again:

"You can go now. I'll call on you soon."

Raid on the Bandits' BaseEdit

When spoken to after defeating the bandits and mercenaries:

"Thank the Divines you showed up when you did, Warrior. We'd have been done for otherwise. I killed many of them, but they just kept coming..."
What happened?
"We were ambushed... which means they knew we were coming."
Someone must have tipped them off.
"That may be... I will contact you about this very soon, <PlayerName>. For now, go home and get some rest. You deserve it."

If spoken to again:

"Go back to your town, Warrior. I will contact you soon."

High TreasonEdit

When first spoken to in her castle:

"Ah, Warrior. I didn't expect you so soon. How goes your quest?"
I have some... troubling news.
"It is not like you to hold out like this. Speak freely."
There is a traitor in your midst.
"A traitor? Who would dare to betray me?"
Your mage is a necromancer.
"Edrien?! Edrien, what do you have to say to this accusation?"

Once Edrien is dealt with:

"Thank you, Warrior. Once again, I am indebted to you. This traitor will tell us everything, don't worry. I will keep you informed of what I learn from him."

Cutting Off the Snake's HeadEdit

"Hello, Warrior. I thought it was time I saw for myself what you've accomplished here. I must say you've done quite well, in spite of everything."
Thank you, my Queen.
""My Queen"? Well, well... you may not be a hopeless case after all!"
The damage was considerable.
"Yes, I suppose it was."

Either option leads to:

"In any case, I've come with one last mission for you. I want you to seek out and eliminate the bandit leader, once and for all. Will you do this for me?"
The bandit leader's days are numbered.
"Thank you, <PlayerName>. I knew I could count on you."
I'm not your personal assassin.
"I see. Well, at least think about it... I'll be here if you change your mind."

If spoken to again:

"Come back with the bandit leader's head and I will reward you handsomely."

Once you return and speak to her:

"Ah, finally! I presume the bandit leader will not give us any more trouble?"
No he's quite dead.
"Well, it had to be done. Thank you, <PlayerName>. You have been a great help to the realm."
Our troubles may not be over yet.
"What do you mean?"
Someone paid the Greencaps to harass you.
"What?! Who?"
Not sure. A moon sugar smuggler, possibly.
"Oh, I see. This is... troubling news."
Don't worry, I'll find them.

Either option leads to:

"Please accept this reward as a token of my gratitude. I will also grant your town a two-year tax holiday. This should help you finish rebuilding it. It's the least I could do. Farewell, <PlayerName>. I hope to see you at court some time soon."

The Queen's JusticeEdit

"Was there something you wanted to ask me, Warrior?"
It's about that young farmer...
"You'll have to be more specific, I've seen quite a few today."
The one called Frontinus.
"Ah, yes. The one whose brother was murdered by his business partner. I don't have the time or resources to investigate this... but perhaps you could?"
"Why not? I will give you a royal warrant, so that you can act in my name. Interrogate the villagers, and if you find a suspect, bring him to me for judgement. Will you do it?"
I'll do it.
"Excellent. Ask Wanum for the warrant. Good luck, Warrior."
I need to think about it.
"Of course. Let me know when you make up your mind."

If spoken to again if you didn't accept:

"So, have you decided to investigate that young farmer's claim?"
Still thinking about it.
"Just go and ask Wanum for that warrant, if and when you decide to go. Let me know if you are able to figure out what happened to that young farmer's brother."

The Farmer's PleaEdit

When spoken to before going to the village:

"Let me know if you are able to figure out what happened to that young farmer's brother."

Once you return:

"What is it, Warrior?"
Have you heard of someone called "River Snake"?
"River Snake...? Where did you hear about him?"
He's the smuggler who killed Frontinus' brother.
"Hm. If it's who I think it is, we might be in trouble. <PlayerName>, I want to look into this. Find whatever you can about his operations and report back to me. Okay?"
Yes, your highness.
"Enough of that."

The Big HitEdit

When first spoken to:

"You look like you have something for me. What is it?"
There's a shipment coming from the River Snake.
"How do you know this?"
Saashi's cousin M'jaddah.
"That Khajiit smuggler is cousins with our Loremaster? Hmph. If you believe he can be trusted, then we should act. Wanum will go with you. Intercept the shipment, and arrest those delivering it."
Yes, your highness.
"Okay, okay. Get going already."
"Be careful. You are facing the River Snake in his natural habitat. Do not let your guard down."
I don't think it's a great idea.
"You don't? Shall we let this opportunity pass us by? No. Consider this a command from your Queen. Go, or you shall have to deal with me instead of my - instead of the River Snake."

If spoken to again:

"Have you prepared? Go with Wanum when you are ready."

Once you return:

"Greetings, Warrior. I'm glad you have returned safely. Wanum gave me the report."
It was embarrasing.
"Yes. I am embarrassed as well, having sent you with my warrant."
It was tragic.
"Yes. I must apologize to Saashi for having involved her cousin like this. Things just keep getting worse..."
It was a trap.
"Yes. As I said, I got the report. This is not easy for me, <PlayerName>, and your attitude is not helping."
It was fine.
"You call that fine? Of course, it could have been worse. One dead is a relatively small price to pay for walking right into a trap like that."

Any of the options leads to:

"Your friend the Khajiit was not very discreet in his investigation, it seems."
It happens.
"Perhaps. But I will treat his loss as though he were my own kin."
He gave his life for you.
"And we all mourn his loss. Do not think I am taking this lightly, Warrior."
We all need to be careful.
"Indeed. I cannot afford to lose subjects in such a careless manner."

Gabrielle's TreasureEdit

"Ah, Warrior, so good of you to join us. We were just talking about you, Gabrielle and I."
You were?
"Indeed. She was retelling your exploits as a brave adventurer facing impossible odds. That was quite sneaky of you not to mention that vast treasure hidden somewhere in the realm... Were you ever planning on telling me?"
I wasn't sure it was real.
"Ah, I see, you wanted to spare me the disappointment. How very considerate of you."
I wanted to surprise you.
"Well, now that I do know about it, I am quite interested in finding out it's real."

Either leads to:

"Well, now that I do know about it, I am quite interested in finding out it's real. Wanum and I will accompany Gabrielle on this last quest, while you continue tracking the River Snake.With our share of the treasure, we can raise a small army and take him out once and for all."
I really should be there.
"My decision is made. You will stay here and prepare the final attack on the River Snake."

If spoken to again:

"Don't worry, Warrior, we'll keep a share of the treasure for your town."

In the throne room, the Bloodfall Queen and The River Snake will fight each other:

The River Snake : "Hello, daughter. So nice of you to visit your father."
Bloodfall Queen : "I have no father!"
The River Snake : "I see you've met my new associate... Gabrielle, why not show the "Queen" what you can do?"

After this, it will fade to the Bloodfall Queen being locked in a cage, with the River Snake standing in front of it:

Bloodfall Queen : "You beast! There never was a treasure, was there?"
The River Snake : "Oh, but there is... Ancient Dwemer weapons, thousands of them, hidden somewhere in these lands. With these I will be unstoppable. Why go for a kingdom, when you can have a whole empire?"
Bloodfall Queen : "You're insane!"
The River Snake : "I should have just drowned you when you were born."

Once freed from her cage:

"Once again you disobey my orders, Warrior."
I'm a bad subject.
"Indeed, but you're also a great friend, so it balances out. Come on, let's get out of here!"
I did as you asked.
"I guess you did, didn't you? You tracked the River Snake... I promise I'll explain everything... if we get out of here alive. Come on, let's go!"

If spoken to again as she flees:

"Let's get out of here, we'll talk later!"

Once at town:

"I guess I owe you an apology, Warrior."
What do you mean?
"I wasn't sure the River Snake was my father, even though I suspected it. I should have shared my suspicions with you much sooner. In a way, I was hoping it wasn't him, even though deep down I knew it was."
I guess you do.
"I should have shared my suspicions with you much sooner. In a way, I was hoping it wasn't him, even though deep down I knew it was."

Either leads to:

What is he after?
"The same thing he's always wanted: to rule this kingdom. He sees it as his birthright."
Not everyone is fit to rule.
"He never accepted that my grandfather chose me as his successor instead of him."
He should have been proud of you.
"He's been trying to undermine my rule since then. He even tried to depose me in a coup. Fortunately, there were enough soldiers still loyal to my grandfather, and he failed – that time."
He'll fail again. I promise.
"Thank you, <Player.Name>. I do feel safer knowing you are by my side. He's never going to give up, but we probably slowed him down a little. We'll just have to continue being on our toes..."

If spoken to again:

"My father won't give up easily, but at least we bought some time."

A Few More QuestionsEdit

During your investigation you will have to speak to her:

"Well, <PlayerName>, don't look so surprised."
You're competing?
"I couldn't let you have all the fun, <PlayerName>. I've been wanting to do this for years... This is such a nice respite from my daily routine. Noura tells me there's even a chance we might fight against one another. I guess I should watch out for you trying to learn all my tricks in advance, now... Is that why you're here?"
I'm here to investigate the murder.
"Ah, yes. Noura told me about that, too. I'm sorry I won't be of much help. I was in my keep when the first murder occurred. And I was watching you fight when the other one happened."
People don't know about that one yet.
"Oh, right. I'll keep mum about it. People are getting suspicious, though. Metundus leaving the competition like that... I'll let you know if I hear anything. See you in the arena, Warrior."

Tournament - Round 3 FinalsEdit

When approached in the arena:

"Well, <PlayerName>, we finally meet on the field of glory. I understand if you feel the need to hold back. I can't stop you from losing, if that's what you want. Or, you could just forget that I'm your queen, and fight me like you would any other combatant."
What happens when you lose?
"*If* I lose, you mean? Nothing. You move on to the next round, and I go back to my keep, sore but satisfied. This has been the most fun I've had in years. I've already won, as far as I'm concerned. Of course, it'll be even better when I beat you..."
Not sure I can do that.
"Well, you better try your damnedest, because I for one will *not* be holding back."
As you wish.
"What a good subject you are. Now shut up and fight me!"

Once defeated:

"Looks... like I picked the right champion... after all."

You can then reply in two ways with the first being:

Are you hurt?
"Of course I'm hurt, you idiot. We just fought."
You told me not to hold back.
"I'm glad I did... I prefer losing... to you letting me win."
I'm sorry.
"You shouldn't be... I enjoyed... every part of it. Except the part... where you won. I would have hated it... if you had just let me win..."

The other option is:

Forever at your service.
"Well then, I must be... the luckiest Queen in the world... Thank you... for not holding back. That means... a lot to me. Don't worry... I won't have your head cut off... or anything. I just... need to rest a little."

The MessageEdit

"Ah, <PlayerName>. Not looking for a rematch, are you?"
Whenever it pleases my queen.
"I think I'll pass. For now, at least. Did you need to ask me something?"
I was sent this document.
"Hm. I'm not very good with legal jargon, but that looks like some sort of Imperial court record. Why would someone send you this?"
That's what I want to know.
"You should ask Gaius Platorius, maybe he can help you."
What about Blackridge?
"Blackridge... Sounds familiar. I think I heard my grandfather mention it once. Can't remember what the context was, though. Good luck, <PlayerName>."
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