Blades:The Pit of Pestilence

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Event Quest
BL-icon-questmap-Portal Inactive.png
Defeat poisonous enemies.
UnavailableUnavailableTime (refresh)
Rarity: Epic
Location(s): Cave
Reward(s): Leveled (large)Leveled (large)Sigils, 0LeveledLeveledGems (Every stage, increasing per stage)
Stage 5 Bonus Reward: Leveled Smithing Materials
XP: 700 (Every stage)
ID: EQ04_Cave
The Pit of Pestilence
The noxious miasma permeating the caves on the portal's other side transforms every enemy blow into one of pure poison. I must stop this corruption before it crosses over.
BL-icon-Poison Armor.png Wear armor that provides poison resistance
BL-icon-Spell.png Cast defensive spells
BL-icon-Poison Potion.png Drink poison resistance potions
Descend into the pit...



In this event, poison damage is a huge factor. To combat this, be sure to stock up on as much poison resistance as needed, whether it be through potions or enchantments. Especially Chitin and Dragonscale armor will be useful during this event. Poison revenge enchantments can also be of use to quickly dispatch enemies. Be sure to utilize any food you may come across in order to replenish lost health. The reward is well worth the risk, however, as there are two Golden chests that can be found in optional side passages.

The First Golden Chest

The First ChestEdit

Upon starting the stage, you will find yourself in a cave filled with a thick green fog. Continue on the path ahead of you and you'll come across a small opening inhabited by two wights. After handling them, you will find yourself at a fork, with a necromancer and another wight just up ahead. It is recommended that you go right; this will allow you to draw in one enemy at a time, giving you time to naturally recover any missing stamina and magicka, whereas approaching them from the left will force you into consecutive combat. Following the path directly behind them will lead you to the first chest, guarded by an optional wight boss. If you are not confident you will survive your fight with it, you can run past it to claim the chest. However, you will still have to fight the boss.

The Second Golden Chest

Stage Boss and Second ChestEdit

Head back and on your right (Left from the original fork) you will notice a small passage that leads to a closed door. Open it and you'll find yourself in a large opening occupied by another wight and necromancer. After they are dealt with, continue ahead through the next passage, leading to the final opening, containing a necromancer as well as the stage boss, a wight. Defeating the boss will complete the stage; however, be sure to select the explore option when prompted to, as there is a passageway to the left that leads to the second chest. As with the previous chest, you can run past the boss to claim it before your fight. While you can entirely evade the boss in doing so, you must fight it to complete the event.


The following Breakables can be found in this event:

  • 4 cave breakables with a chance of 41.7% Common, 41.7% Uncommon, and 16.7% Rare
  • 4 cave breakables with a chance of 58.8% Common, 29.4% Uncommon, and 11.8% Rare
  • 4 cave breakables with a chance of 74.1% Common, 18.5% Uncommon, and 7.4% Rare


The difficulty of the enemies scales with your own level. The level of your enemies increases each stage as seen in the following table:

Stage Enemy Level
1 0
2 +3
3 +6
4 +9
5 +12