Blades:The Spectral Forest

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Event Quest
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Battle enemies immune to physical damage.
UnavailableUnavailableTime (refresh)
Rarity: Uncommon
Location(s): Forest
Reward(s): Leveled (small)Leveled (small)Sigils, Leveled Smithing Materials (type 1) (Every stage, increasing per stage)
Stage 5 Bonus Reward: 0LeveledLeveledGold
XP: 700 (Every stage)
ID: EQ01_Forest
The Spectral Forest
Beyond the strange portal outside of town lies dark and cursed woodlands, where enemies can't be harmed by physical attacks - only with fire, frost, shock, or poison will I be able to affect them.
BL-icon-Weapons.png Use weapons that deal elemental damage
BL-icon-Spell.png Cast elemental spells
BL-icon-Poisons.png Use elemental aversion potions
Cut your way through the forest



In this event, enemies may only be harmed through elemental (fire, frost, shock, and poison) damage. As such, having weapon enchantments or spells that deal these kinds of damage is instrumental. Poison resist potions or enchantments are also of great use, otherwise the poison damage dealt by the spriggans found throughout the level may cause serious roadblocks, especially at higher level stages. One could use this to their advantage, however, through the use of poison revenge enchantments.

The chest and its guard

Find the KeyEdit

Upon starting the stage, you will find yourself on a large wooden platform in the middle of a forest covered with an ashen red fog. Just up ahead will be a door. On the other side, you will find yourself in a clearing occupied by spriggans. Be sure to pull them into combat one at a time, otherwise it is very easy to find yourself forced into consecutive combat. After they are dealt with, you will notice a small fork. To the left will be a closed door; meanwhile, the path on the right will lead to a small opening occupied by a spriggan optional boss, guarding a Silver chest. After retrieving the chest, it's time to turn your attention to the aforementioned door; however, you will find that it is locked. If you haven't already found it, the key can be found in one of the breakables found nearby.

The town

Making Your Way into TownEdit

After unlocking the door, follow the path forward until you reach another door, dispatching another spriggan on the way. The door will open up to a small port town, complete with a lighthouse and docks. A decent amount of loot can be found in the town and its alleyways, so be sure to explore it carefully. One pile will be larger than the others and possesses a golden glow, so be sure to loot that one for extra items. The stage boss, a mercenary, is located on the docks on the far side of town; however, two additional mercenaries stand in the way between you and the boss. Killing the boss will complete the current stage of the event and allow you to progress to the next stage.


The following Breakables can be found in this event:

  • 1 Forest Common breakable with a Key
  • 7 Forest Common breakables
  • 2 Forest Uncommon breakables
  • 1 Forest Rare breakable


The difficulty of the enemies scales with your own level. The level of your enemies increases each stage as seen in the following table:

Stage Enemy Level
1 -6
2 -3
3 0
4 +3
5 +7


  • Spriggans
    • 4 standard
    • 1 optional boss (+4 additional levels)
  • Mercenaries
    • 2 standard (+2 additional levels)
    • 1 objective boss (+4 additional levels)