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Bloodskal Barrow
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# of Zones 1
Draugr, Greater Skeleton Champion
Console Location Code(s)
Solstheim, Bloodskal Barrow
Hirstaang Forest, [-26,20]
Bloodskal Barrow

Bloodskal Barrow is a burial ground on the northern border of the Hirstaang Forest, north-northwest of Raven Rock.

The Bloodskal blade

The barrow is built into a large hill that should be easily noticed. If you can't find the hill, find the Earth Stone and look to the northeast, you may also pass by the hill if you are traveling to the Cave of Hidden Music. The door is locked (level 20) and trapped.


When you first enter the tomb, it seems completely deserted. The first room is a square ring, and a short hallway on the south side has a locked (level 80) chest with loot. The hallway leads to a square, open room, with raw stalhrim deposits in the niches on three sides of the room. The northwest corner also contains two chests - one locked (level 50) and trapped, and another locked (level 70).

The square room has an altar in the middle, with the sword Bloodskal on it. When you pick up the sword, you will receive a journal entry, and a couple of greater skeleton champions will spawn between the altar and the hallway to the first room and attack you. Additionally, three draugr will spawn near the exit, waiting for you.



Bloodskal Barrow