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Geilir the Mumbling (geilir the mumbling)
Location Geilir the Mumbling's Dwelling
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 30 Class Warlock
Other Information
Health 164 Magicka 106
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Geilir the Mumbling

Geilir the Mumbling is a Nord warlock and Seer. He is located in his dwelling on the western shore of the island, near the Supply Ship wreckage. He was one of the few survivors of another shipwreck, and cursed the captain, Thormoor Gray-Wave, with eternal wakefulness. Geilir has lost his friend, Oddfrid White-Lip, and wants you to find her.

He is wearing a common shirt with matching pants, and a pair of wolf gauntlets with matching boots. Aside from his natural resistance to shock, immunity to frost, ability to shield himself, and a natural frost damage spell, he knows the following spells: Heavy Burden, Great Burden of Sin, Crushing Burden Touch, Weary, Tinur's Hoptoad, Strong Levitate, First Barrier, Strength Leech, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Storm, Alad's Caliginy, Invisibility, Hide, Far Silence, Dire Noise, Fortify Destruction Skill, Fortify Illusion Skill, Fortify Restoration Skill, Nimbleness, Assured Red Wisdom, and Daedric Bite.

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The Sad SeerEdit

When first spoken to Geilir will say:

"I'm sorry, but I'm not in the mood for visitors right now. Just look at this mess, %PCCLass. Do you see what that foul draugr has done? He has ruined my dwelling and stolen away my only friend."
my only friend
"My entire family was lost at sea a few months ago, and now I am all alone. My only companion is Oddfrid White-Lip. She talks to me. She tells me things, tells me the future. I rescued her from Kolbjorn Barrow many months ago. But she's been kidnapped by a draugr who lives in Kolbjorn! %PCClass, will you go to the barrow and rescue Oddfrid White-Lip? If you do, then Oddfrid will help me reveal your future!"

You can then either offer to help or say no:

Sorry, but no.
"All right then. If you have a change of heart, let me know. I barely escaped from the draugrs the first time I rescued Oddfrid from Kolbjorn Barrow. I'm not sure I want to risk my life again, no matter how much I enjoy Oddfrid's company. Leave me now, %PCClass. As you can see, I have a lot of cleaning up to do."
I'll rescue Oddfrid for you, Geilir.
"Excellent. Of course, I knew you were going to help me. I am a seer after all. Now, Kolbjorn Barrow lies to the southeast of here, near the coast. I need you to enter the barrow, find Oddfrid, and return her to me. Do be careful, %PCClass. The draugrs are fast, vicious and entirely without remorse. Go now. I will eagerly await your return."

If spoken to again after you've offered to help him but haven't got Oddfrid yet:

"%PCClass, you've returned! Oh, I see you haven't found Oddfrid White-Lip. I do hope the draugrs haven't proved too much for you. My nights are especially lonely without Oddfrid's sweet voice to keep me company. You should hear her joke about the Khajiit THAT'S a good one! Anyway, when you rescue Oddfrid, please return to me. Now, as you can see, my dwelling is still in shambles, and there's a lot of cleaning left to do. Goodbye."

If you ask him to tell your future before you've helped him:

tell your future
"Ah, not yet dear %PCClass. First you must bring me the Skull of Oddfrid White-Lip."

Once you return with the skull of Oddfrid White-Lip he will thank you:

"%PCClass, you've returned! And you've found Oddfrid! Yes, I know...Oddfrid is a skull. She was a skull when I first found her, but she does talk to me. I hear her voice inside my head. I would have told you the truth, but I didn't want you to think I was crazy. So tell me, %PCName -- do you want me to tell your future?"
tell your future
"%PCClass, the skull of Oddfrid White-Lip is speaking to me, telling me your future. She says...she says the time for the hunt is near. You are both hunter and hunted. She sees you surrounded by ice. Beware betrayal! Oddfrid sees...she sees a giant. And.... Yes! The horned huntsman! That is all. I'm not sure what it all means, but Oddfrid has nothing more to say."

If you ask him to tell you your future after Hircine's Hunt:

"%PCClass, the skull of Oddfrid White-Lip is speaking to me, telling me your future. She says...she says you have accomplished much here on Solstheim, and your future is unclear. But wait! She sees something else. Something very cloudy, something that could affect us all. When the dragon dies, the Empire dies. Where is the lost dragon's blood, the Empire's sire? And from the womb of the void, who shall stem the blood tide? I...I do not know what this means. It is very unclear...."