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Bloodmoon: People
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Hidar (hidar)
Location Outside Graring's House
Race Nord Gender Female
Level 35 Class Barbarian
Other Information
Health 264 Magicka 114
Alarm 0 Fight 30

Hidar is a Nord barbarian located outside Graring's House at a river fork north of the Fort. After finishing Discovery in the Mine, Hidar can make you a variety of Stalhrim weapons out of Raw Stalhrim. Though, you need one piece of Stalhrim per weapon.

She wears a common robe with matching shoes. Aside from her natural resistance to shock, immunity to frost, ability to shield herself, and a natural frost damage spell, she knows no spells.

Related QuestsEdit

East Empire CompanyEdit


If spoken to before Discovery in the Mine:

"You have no business being here, stranger. Leave now."

If Falco was chosen instead of Carnius: "Speak to Graring."

If spoken to after Discovery in the Mine:

"Have you come for Stalhrim weapons, friend?"
Stalhrim weapons
"I can forge certain weapons for you, but you have to provide the Stalhrim. What would you like me to create for you?"
Stalhrim War Axe
Stalhrim Dagger
Stalhrim Longsword
Stalhrim Mace
"I'll get started on a longsword for you. Come back in two days, and it'll be ready."

If you don't have enough stalhrim, she will instead say:

"You don't have enough raw Stalhrim for me to forge you a longsword."

If asked again before it has been two days:

"Your longsword isn't ready yet. I need more time to finish it."

After it has been two days:

"Here's your longsword, %PCName. Use it well."