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Bloodmoon:Note from Carnius

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Book Information
ID bk_carniusnote
Value 0 Weight 0.2
Related to Stop the Messenger
Found in the following locations:
Note from Carnius
by Carnius Magius


Reading this, you've successfully completed my little task for you. Before you return, however, I have one last deed for you. Hroldar should've given you a few scrolls along with this note; since he can't read, he won't realize that I intend for you to kill him.

The scrolls should grant you control over his wolves long enough to put an end to him. You don't need to know the details; only that I can no longer trust him and that his usefulness to me is at an end. I'd do the job myself, but then... that's what I have you for. Why take risks, when someone else can take them for me?

I expect you to return shortly. Do not keep me waiting.