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Bloodmoon:The Siege of the Skaal Village

Bloodmoon: Quests: Main Quest
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Defend the town against a vicious attack by werewolves and get infected by one of them.
Quest Giver: Tharsten Heart-Fang in the Skaal Village
Location(s): Skaal Village
Prerequisite Quest: The Skaal Test of Strength
Next Quest: The Totem of Claw and Fang or Dream of Hircine
Reward: Either: Becoming blood friend of the Skaal and Rigmor Halfhand's former residence, or Lycanthropy.
ID: BM_SkaalAttack
Suggested Level: 30
Difficulty: Medium
Skaal village is threatened by werewolves

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Return to Skaal Village and speak with Tharsten in the Great Hall. Before you exit the building you will be informed that werewolves are attacking the town.
  2. Exit the Great Hall and help the villagers kill the seven werewolves that attacked.
  3. Reenter the Great Hall and kill the two werewolves inside. Note that Tharsten is now missing. Upon killing the last werewolf you will be infected with Sanies Lupinus.
  4. Speak to the Shaman Korst who is now outside.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Return to Skaal VillageEdit

After dealing with the Draugr Lord, Korst Wind-Eye on the Northern shore of Lake Fjalding tells you to meet up with him again in the village after a time. You can head up right away and enter into the Greathall to speak with Tharsten. Before you leave the hall, you are told that the town is under attack by werewolves by the guard with Tharsten. Exit the Greathall and help out the villagers to kill the seven attacking werewolves (the guards do a pretty good job by themselves). After the seven are dead you will be told that some werewolves got into the Greathall. Enter and take care of the two in there to find that the Honor Guard is dead and Tharsten is missing (much like the Captain of the Fort, strangely enough).

Korst Wind-EyeEdit

Exit the Greathall and you'll find the shaman has returned just outside. Korst thanks you for helping to protect the town, but informs you that not only is Heart-Fang missing, you've also contracted the lycanthropy disease (Sanies Lupinus). In three days you will turn into a werewolf yourself, unless you use a simple Cure Common Disease effect during the three days to cure yourself. Until you are cured, you are banned from the village in order to prevent others from being infected. (You do not need to cure any of the villagers, though if you have a follower in tow, such as Fjorgeir or Calvus Horatius, it is advisable to cure them since such NPCs can contract diseases.)

At this point you have a major choice to make: use a disease-curing potion or spell (or visit a shrine and get the appropriate blessing) within three days to cure your nascent lycanthropy, or do nothing and become a werewolf. Note that if you have cured your Corprus Disease and become immune to common diseases, this is the most convenient time to become a werewolf, as there is no avoiding becoming infected here despite that otherwise-effective immunity. If you later decide to become a werewolf, it is possible to counteract your resistance to disease with a spell of Weakness to Common Disease 100% on Self, and contract Sanies Lupinus from fighting other werewolves or searching their corpses. (This also works for vampirism.)

This is a major turning point in the Main Quest of the Bloodmoon expansion. If you decided to cure yourself of the disease, you will continue on with the Main Quest helping out the Skaal. However, if you decide to let the disease take hold and transform you into a werewolf, there is no turning back. Upon your second transformation you will receive a dream vision from Hircine, after which you will be irrevocably involved with this Daedric Prince for the duration of the Main Quest. There is a cure for your full-blown lycanthropy, but you will not be able to receive it until after you have completed Hircine's tasks.

For more information on how the path diverges as well as the differing rewards for each path, see the various quest pages of the Main Quest article.

Become a Blood Friend of the SkaalEdit

If you decide to cure yourself, return and speak to Korst who names you a Blodskaal (a blood friend of the Skaal). He also gives you Rigmor Halfhand's former residence. If you became a werewolf but have finally managed to cure yourself, speak to Korst about having been infected to be rewarded with the same.


  • The infection that takes place after completing this quest is scripted and it is impossible to avoid by any means, even with 100% resistance to Common Disease, or even by using only ranged attacks and spells and never getting within melee range of the werewolves. The infection is indicated by a red icon added to your Effects icon bar. Hovering over this icon shows "Drain Fatigue Sanies Lupinus: 1 pt".
  • One seemingly logical but ill-fated way to handle this battle is to cast a mass-effect Calm Humanoid spell on the werewolves. The spell will work, but if you then attack them before it wears off, you will, bizarrely, be charged with a crime for attacking a peaceful NPC in town and the guards will try to kill you. Also, you cannot enter the talk screen with the calmed werewolves, thus precluding taunting them into attacking so that you can legally kill them.
  • If you wait until daylight hours and then enter the Greathall, you might find non-hostile werewolves inside.
  • The Skaal guard in the Greathall gives the journal entry that spawns the wolves outside. If you have killed him, you will be stuck at that point in the quest. PC users can fix this by adding the journal entry journal BM_SkaalAttack 10 .
  • If there is something in the Greathall you find worth looting, this is a good time to do it as everyone inside is dead.
  • All items inside Rigmor's Hut are lost once it becomes the Blodskaal's House. If you used Mark inside before you were given the house, you can still get there through Recall and all the items are there.
  • The Werewolves are technically NPCs, not creatures. Because of this, they cannot be soultrapped.


  • If you become a werewolf and decide to undergo the Rite of the Wolf Giver to cure yourself before starting the first quest for Hircine, you will not be able to advance the main quest, because of a wrong check in Korst Wind-Eye's dialogue.
    • On PC versions of the game, this can be fixed by adding the journal entry journal BM_SkaalAttack 105.
  • If you were forced to place Korst yourself at the lake in the previous quest, he will still be there after the werewolf attack. ?

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

The Siege of the Skaal Village (BM_SkaalAttack)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Creatures are attacking the Skaal village. I should go outside and help to defend these people.
20 The werewolves attacking the Skaal Village have been defeated.
25 I have been told that at least one werewolf was seen going into the Greathall. I should go make sure that those inside are safe.
30 The werewolves inside the Greathall are defeated. The Skaal Guard that was inside is dead. Heart-Fang, however, is nowhere to be found.
40 Residents of the Skaal Village have suggested I speak with Korst Wind-Eye, who has returned.
50 Wind-Eye tells me that during the battle with the werewolves, he believes I was infected by one of them. A Cure Disease spell will rid me of the affliction, but if I do not do this within three days, I may become a werewolf myself. Until I have been cured, Wind-Eye cannot allow me to be a part of the Skaal community.
95 Finishes quest  I have lived with the Lycanthropy disease too long, and the Skaal believe I am a werewolf. I am not welcome among them until I have found a cure.
100 Finishes quest  I have been cured of the Lycanthropy disease, and may once again be a part of the Skaal. I have been named Blodskaal, a blood friend to the village. They will allow me to use Rigmor Halfhand's former house as my own.
105 Finishes quest  I have cured myself of Lycanthropy, and have been welcomed back by the Skaal. I have been named Blodskaal, a blood friend to the village. They will allow me to use Rigmor Half-Hand's former house as my own.

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