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Bloodmoon:The Totem of Claw and Fang

Bloodmoon: Quests: Main Quest
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Recover the Totem of Claw and Fang for the Skaal.
Quest Giver: Korst Wind-Eye in the Skaal Village
Location(s): Tombs of Skaalara
Prerequisite Quest: The Siege of the Skaal Village
Next Quest: The Ristaag
Reward: Call Wolf spell
ID: BM_Ceremony1
Required Items: Lockpick/Open spell (30)
Suggested Level: 35+
Difficulty: Medium
Tombs of Skaalara

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to the shaman Korst who will tell you to retrieve the Totem of Claw and Fang from the Tombs of Skaalara.
  2. Find the tombs far southeast from the village along the Eastern shore of Solstheim.
  3. Explore the tombs and find the totem inside a chest at the Southern end.
  4. Return the totem to Korst in the village.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Korst Wind-EyeEdit

Return the Totem of Claw and Fang to Korst Wind-eye

Once you've been cured of Lycanthropy after the previous werewolf attack on the Skaal you can return and speak to Korst who will name you Blodskaal. He will further inform you that you are to take part in the Ristaag, an important Skaal ceremony. In order to complete the rare ceremony, you must first find and retrieve the Totem of Claw and Fang, an artifact used to summon powerful beasts during the Ristaag. The totem was stolen some years ago and is rumored to be in the Tombs of Skaalara, to the southeast of the village.

Tombs of SkaalaraEdit

The tombs are near the coast, southeast or so from the village. Its entrance is composed of large black stones and is hard to miss. The inside of the tombs is full of werewolves, not surprisingly. The totem you were asked to find is in a chest, with a level 30 lock, at the southern end of the tomb.

Return to Korst Wind-EyeEdit

Return to Skaal Village and Korst with the totem, who will gladly accept it, rewarding you with the new ability to summon wolves to fight by your side (the Call Wolf spell).


  • Korst sometimes remains at his position by the lake from the previous quest. Simply find him there to get his updates.
  • On the Steam version of the game, the reward spell for this quest, Call Wolf, will display as "sEffectSummonCreature01 for 45s on self", and will not actually summon anything. This can be fixed by using a mod editor to change the loading order of the base files so that Morrowind, Tribunal, and then Bloodmoon are loaded, in that order, as otherwise Steam will load the files in alphabetical order, which disrupts the ability for Call Wolf, and its subsequent spell, Call Bear, to function properly.


  • While the Skaal believe it to be related to the Spirit Bear, in future installments of The Elder Scrolls series, the Totem of Claw and Fang is specified to be associated with Hircine's Bear aspect Hrokkibeg. Please see the Lore Article for more information.
  • The Totem of Claw and Fang reappears in ESO.

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

The Totem of Claw and Fang (BM_Ceremony1)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Korst Wind-Eye has told me that he would like me to take part in a Skaal ceremony called Ristaag, in order to cleanse and bless the Skaal people. First, though, he would like me to retrieve the Totem of Claw and Fang.
20 The Totem of Claw and Fang is located in the Tombs of Skaalara, located east and a bit south of the Skaal Village.
30 I have retrieved the Totem of Claw and Fang.
100 Finishes quest  Wind-Eye was pleased that I was able to return the Totem of Claw and Fang from the Tombs of Skaalara, and rewarded me with knowledge of the Skaal nature magic. He has taught me the Skaal ritual to summon a wolf to fight by my side.
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