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Online:The Symbol of Hrokkibeg

Elder Scrolls Online: Quests: The Reach / Side Quests

Deliver a relic to Hircine's shrine in Markarth.
Zone: The Reach
Quest Giver: Letter to Apprentice Gwerina
Location(s): Near Wildspear Clan Camp
Reward: Staff of the Spirit Within
Low Leveled gold
XP Gain: Very Low Experience
ID: 6596
Retrieve the Symbol of Hrokkibeg from Gwerina's pack
I came across the body of Apprentice Gwerina. She apparently died while bringing a sacred relic to a shrine in Markarth.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Read the letter and take the Symbol of Hrokkibeg from Gwerina's pack.
  2. Return the relic to the Shrine of the Hunt-Father in Markarth.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

While traveling through the Reach's central region, you may find the corpse of Apprentice Gwerina near a letter and a backpack. The Letter to Apprentice Gwerina tells you that Gwerina was instructed to deliver something called the Symbol of Hrokkibeg by High Shaman Glynroch, a man who is erecting a shrine to Hircine in Markarth.

Take the Symbol of Hrokkibeg out of Gwerina's pack and head west to Markarth. The Shrine of the Hunt-Father is in central Markarth, and can be accessed by climbing the stairs on the southern side of the mountain in the center of the city. The easiest way to get there is to travel to the Markarth Wayshrine, head north, and keep climbing stairs. You should find the shrine if you just walk straight ahead after arriving at the wayshrine. Speak with High Shaman Glynroch and give him the totem. He laments Gwerina's death and thanks you for retrieving the totem in her stead.


Quest StagesEdit

The Symbol of Hrokkibeg
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should read the note next to the body.
Objective: Examine the Letter to Gwerina
According to the note I found, Apprentice Gwerina was trying to bring a sacred relic to High Shaman Glynroch in Markath. I should pick up the relic so I can deliver it there.
Objective: Retrieve the Symbol of Hrokkibeg
I retrieved the sacred relic. I should take it to the shrine in Markarth and let High Shaman Glynroch know what happened to his apprentice.
Objective: Find High Shaman Glynroch
I found High Shaman Glynroch in Markarth. I should deliver the sacred relic and tell him Apprentice Gwerina is dead.
Objective: Talk to High Shaman Glynroch
Finishes quest  I should talk to High Shaman Glynroch and see if there's a reward for returning the sacred relic.
Objective: Talk to High Shaman Glynroch
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