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Bloodmoon: People
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Tymvaul (tymvaul)
Location Rimhull
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 30 Class Necromancer
Other Information
Health 300 Magicka 500
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Faction(s) Skaal

Tymvaul is a Nord necromancer who until recently lived in the Skaal Village. He recently fell down the well behind his father's house, and now resides in the caverns of Rimhull.

Tymvaul wears the unique Mantle of Woe robe. Aside from his natural resistance to shock, immunity to frost, ability to shield himself, and a natural frost damage spell, he knows: Summon Skeletal Minion, Flay Spirit [Ranged], and Force Bolt.

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  • Voice: "The forces of darkness are mine to command! All shall bow from the terrible power of Tymvaul the Dark!"
  • Greetings:
  • "Intruder! Who dares venture so deeply into the halls of Rimhull?! The Mantle of Woe is mine do you hear? I have claimed the robe and its power!"
  • "Thank you again for helping my family. Tell my father that I will return one day, and make him proud."

  • Mantle of Woe:
  • "Behold the vestments I now wear! When I read the old stories I had to learn the truth. Could it be that an item of such grand magicka lie so close at hand, in the caves beneath my very village? I could contain my eagerness no longer, and jumped into the well. I braved Rimhull's dangers, and at last my efforts were rewarded. Soon the dead shall walk, and Tymvaul the Dark shall lead them!"
  • You're insane! You must die, as all evil should!: "Evil, you say? Self-righteous fool! Spare me your sanctimonious lecturing! There is no good in the world, save that which give ourselves. But enough talk. I will show you the true meaning of power!" (Goodbye)
  • I've been sent by you father. Take off that robe, and end this madness. Your father loves you, Tymvaul, and only wants you to be happy.: "Father? My...father? Could it be that he still holds me dear to his heart? I...I only want to study magic, free from laws of the Skaal. Necromancy was quick, and easy. The power it offers is so overwhelming. Here...take the Mantle of Woe! Destroy it! I have brought shame to my father. I will leave Solstheim, I will find a place to study magicka, true magicka. Tell my father his love saved me. I will return to him some day, when I can truly make him proud." (Goodbye)
  • Let me join with you, and together we shall bring death to the worms of Solstheim!: "Fool! Such power cannot be shared! I alone wear the Mantle of Woe! I am master of the dead! I shall slay you and add your corpse to ranks!" (Goodbye)
  • Your affairs are your own business, Tymvaul, and I will take my leave.: "I think not, stranger! You're finding me here was destiny. I seek to raise an army of the dead, and I need to get as many fresh corpses as I can!" (Goodbye)
  • Such power must never be wielded by one so feeble! The Mantle will be mine!: "So, you seek the Mantle's power for your own? A dark duel it shall be, then!" (Goodbye)
  • "The Mantle of Woe is now yours, %PCName. I urge you to destroy the robe, lest its dark power take hold over you as it did me."


  • Apparently his dialogue answers seem to be kind of wrong: he's supposed to be part of the Skaal Village but when asked about Korst Wind-Eye, the village's shaman, he will answer he doesn't know him. He also seem to just 'vaguely' know who Tharsten Heart-Fang (the Skaal's leader) is and will talk about the Skaal as if he's not part of them (but this could be acceptable since he apparently left them).