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Queen Aubk-i
DF-npc-Aubk-i (face).png
Queen Aubk-i of Daggerfall
Race Redguard Gender Female
Born 3E 386
Resided in Sentinel
Appears in Daggerfall
Aubk-i in the court of Castle Daggerfall

Queen Aubk-i was the wife of King Gothryd of Daggerfall.[1] She was born to King Camaron and Queen Akorithi of Sentinel in 3E 386, and was the younger sister of Prince Arthago, and elder of Princes Greklith and Lhotun.[1][2] As queen, Aubk-i played a role in events preceding the Warp in the West in 3E 417.[1][3]


Early LifeEdit

Aubk-I was the second child and only daughter of King Camaron and Queen Akorithi of Sentinel. In her youth, the princess was described as athletic, beautiful, and charming; the favorite child of the royal couple.[4]

In 3E 402, the War of Betony erupted between Sentinel and Daggerfall. The following year, Daggerfall won a decisive victory at the Battle of Cryngaine Field, in which both Camaron and King Lysandus of Daggerfall were slain.[1][5] Sentinel surrendered, and to help restore friendship between the kingdoms, Aubk-i was wed to the new king of Daggerfall, Gothryd.[1][5][6] However, she was popularly considered in Sentinel to be a prisoner of war.[6][7]

The Warp in the WestEdit

In 3E 401, Emperor Uriel Septim VII had sent a letter of some importance to Mynisera, the Queen of Daggerfall at the time.[1][5] Due to the War of Betony, the courier was delayed and when it arrived, Aubk-i was queen.[1][5] According to a witness, when she read the letter her jaw dropped and eyes widened in amazement.[8] According to the emperor, the Totem of Tiber Septim had been found.[1] According to legend, whoever bore the Totem could control Numidium, an ancient Dwemer weapon used by Tiber Septim to conquer Tamriel.[1]

Aubk-i promised to deliver the letter to Mynisera,[8] but the Dowager Queen never got it.[9] Some say the letter was stolen by the Thieves Guild and sold to Gortwog gro-Nagorm, chief of the Minat Orcs and leader of Orsinium;[10] others say it was Queen Aubk-i herself who sold it to the Orc chieftain.[5] Regardless, Gortwog sold copies of the letter to the major powers in the Iliac Bay region, setting off a power struggle for possession of the Totem and Numidium.[1]

The event is now known as the Warp in the West.[3] Reality was distorted; seven factions simultaneously activated Numidium to their own ends.[3] The resulting death and devastation has been described as "tragic, and beyond mortal comprehension",[3] but when the dust had settled the region had become more unified than at any point in modern history, leading some to dub the events the "Miracle of Peace".[11]

By 3E 433, Aubk-i and Gothryd had four children and were beloved by the realm.[3] Their son Camaron's marriage to Lady Kelmena of Camlorn, suggested peaceful relations would continue for some time.[11]

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