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Grand Spymaster Caius Cosades
LG-cardart-Caius Cosades.png
Grand Spymaster Caius Cosades
Race Imperial Gender Male
Resided in Balmora, Imperial City, Kragenmoor
Appears in Morrowind, Legends

Caius Cosades was the Imperial Grand Spymaster of the Blades that were stationed in Vvardenfell in 3E 427. He played a major part in the defeat of Dagoth Ur and in the Nerevarine prophecies. Caius' cover story in Balmora was that of an old man with a skooma problem; however, at some point, he genuinely became addicted to skooma, resulting in the higher-ups becoming concerned about his addiction.


Third EraEdit

Caius Cosades was the head of the Blades in Vvardenfell in 3E 427 and lived in the town of Balmora. Caius received information from Uriel Septim VII about a prisoner that had gained the Emperor's interest, with him wanting this prisoner to fulfill the Nerevarine Prophecy.[1] After the prisoner was brought to Seyda Neen via an Imperial prison ship, they were directed to Balmora, where they would meet with Caius Cosades at his home. Caius then named the prisoner a novice of the Blades.[2]

After the prisoner was initiated into the Blades by Caius, he was given many tasks to acquire information on the Sixth House and the Nerevarine Prophecies, ranging from bribing informants with artifacts such as a Dwemer Puzzle Box[3] and the skull of Llevule Adrano[4] to making inquiries with the Ashlanders of Vvardenfell.[5] Caius eventually sent the prisoner to clear out a Sixth House base, a task which resulted in the Nerevarine contracting Corprus.[6] The Nerevarine was therefore sent by Caius to Divayth Fyr to be cured.[7] While the Nerevarine undertook this task, Caius was recalled to the Imperial City for political reasons. Although he wanted to refuse the call, he was worried that his family members back in the capital would be at risk. Thus, after the Nerevarine returned, he promoted him to Operative, making him the highest-ranking member of the Blades in Vvardenfell.

Caius wished the Nerevarine well and gave them his enchanted shirt, pants, ring, and the key to the house before leaving for the capital.

Fourth EraEdit

During the Fourth Era, Caius was stationed in Kragenmoor and had a connection to the local Akatosh shrine, where worship had increased ten-fold since the avatar of Akatosh stopped Mehrunes Dagon and ended the Oblivion Crisis. Caius wrote a letter to a fellow church member named Olana, stating that Kragenmoor experienced little of the Gate disruptions that had happened in Cyrodiil, but what was seen focused the minds of skeptics, back-sliders, and old-guard Tribunal worshipers on the manifold glories and powers of the Nine. He also stated that he had seen House Hlaalu members exhibiting a more heart-felt interest in divine counsel and prayer than in years past.[UOL 1]

Eventually, Caius returned to the Imperial City to visit the tomb of Uriel VII, leaving his blade and a number of apple slices as a sign of respect. Caius then stated that he was going to look into visiting the symposium that the Imperial Geographical Society were setting up, with him thinking about joining them.[UOL 2]


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