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This article is about the modern language. For the historical Cyrodilic language, see Old Cyrodilic.

Tamrielic, colloquially referred to as Cyrodilic,[1][2] and sometime Imperial Speech[3] is the common tongue of the Empire and the language used most extensively throughout modern Tamriel.[4][5]:7[6]:6 Tamrielic is descended from Old Cyrodilic[6]:6 and is based on the speech and writing of High Elvish[4][5]:7 and Ayleidoon.[7]

The Argonians of the Gideon region are known to speak better Cyrodilic than other parts of the province. Especially considering their history and exposure with the nearby Imperials in Cyrodiil.[8]


  • Ashlanders refer to the common tongue as Old Elf.[9]
  • Tibedetha gets its name from the middle Tamrielic word for "Tibers Day".[10] This indicates the transition from middle Tamrielic to Tamrielic occurred sometime after the rise of Tiber Septim.
  • Pig-Cyrodilic is a variant of Tamrielic sometimes spoken by non-native speakers.[11]
  • Tamrielic (including middle Tamrielic) is the language shown to the audience as English (or whatever language the game is played in) in The Elder Scrolls media.