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The Fangs of Sithis are a set of pre-Duskfall weapons, taking the form of either two large eggs,[1] or a set of dual daggers.[2]

The Fangs were gifted to the Night Mother by Sithis, the Dark Husband, who in turn gifted them to the Shadowscales.[3][4] It is said that a single Shadowscale wielding the Fangs could lay waste to entire cities not just via mass killings, but also by causing crop-failures and famine. However, most are unable to safely wield the Fangs, as they feed upon the wielder's mind and soul, causing the weak-minded either to go mad, or become mindless agents of Sithis who are devoid of free will.[5]

During the Three Banners War, one Fang was stolen from its hiding place inside Sunscale Strand by Captain Nahrevii of the Renrijra Maor. The other was recovered by a team led by the Vestige. With the exception of the Vestige, each of the Fang's wielders ultimately went mad. As a result, the Captain slaughtered her crew, and an explorer with the Vestige's expedition betrayed his cohorts.[1]

From there, the fate of the Fangs is unknown. It is said that either the Fangs of Sithis were peacefully recovered by a group of Shadowscales who confronted the Vestige once they had recovered them both, leaving them with a replica made in the Fangs' image; or that the Vestige was gifted a single Fang to wield by an aspect of Sithis, who appeared to them just as the confrontation began to turn violent.[2]


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