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The WilderkingEdit

The Wilderking (or Wilderqueen) is a god worshipped by tribal Wood Elves in the pristine jungles of the Greenshade region of Valenwood. He dons a living crown made of knotted branches and leaves. The look of the crown along with his elusiveness caused him to be depicted as an Altmer with antlers. He is as much a political figurehead as a god, as these tribes answer to him rather than the King in Elden Root. The Wilderking is selective of those he appears to, which often causes outsiders to doubt his existence. He is so elusive in fact that rare sketches of him circulating were said to be extremely valuable to collectors and myth hunters. His domain is known as the Court of the Wilderking, and makes up the southeasterly region of Greenshade. His physical manifestation resides at the Throne of the Wilderking, located high above the city of Greenheart. To his followers, the Wilderking is seen as a boundless entity, encompassing both the Court and the Throne; indeed, his power over nature approaches the divine. As such, he is responsible for keeping the balance of nature.

The mantle of Wilderking is continually passed down by the Wilderking to a mortal born with an innate and powerful control over nature, who will be brought to the Throne of the Wilderking so that the previous Wilderking may die. After adopting the title, the mortal soon loses all memories of their previous life. The Wilderking is served by guardian lurchers and mysterious stone beings known as the Hollow. He provided husks and taught the first villagers of Bramblebreach how to bring lurcher guardians to life. His divine power over the land is stuff of legend in Valenwood he is said to have performed feats such as pulling a full grown tree out of a seed, and lifting the flat ground into a hill. He was rumored to be able to shape the forest in its entirety. Beyond his mere physical manifestation he is said to be a literal embodiment of the land. The Wilderking has a long-standing pact with the bosmer of the Shrouded Vale, in return for his protection he provides them caretaking of the fading tree which he spirits away every one hundred years or so. He also provides sustenance for the appointed caretaker of the vale.

The Winged Serpent of the East‎Edit

The Winged Serpent of the East is an obscure entity from the ancient Khajiiti mythology predating the ri'Datta era.

The Winged Serpent is one of Akha's mates. In the earliest days, when Ahnurr and Fadomai were deeply in love, Akha ventured across the heavens, his trails forming the Many Paths. His father told him to seek love akin to that of Ahnurr and Fadomai. Akha united with the Winged Serpent of the East. He also had other mates, including the Dune Queen of the West and the Mother Mammoth of the North.

However, upon venturing to the South Akha never returned. Alkosh and his loyal guardians oversee the numerous Dragon children of Akha, some of whom were from the union with the Winged Serpent, "for they are both terrible and kind".[nb 1]