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Race Unknown Gender Male
Resided in Cyrodiil

Loreth the Fangleman was an enchanter from the First Era best remembered as the forger of the Balac-Thurm, later known as the Staff of Chaos.[1][UOL 1]



Loreth's prominence is traced back to the First Era, circa 1E 500.[1][UOL 1] He began as an apprentice to the hermetic enchanter Dalak, alongside another student named Uthrac. Under the command of his master, he ventured to western Cyrodiil to check on another enchanter by the name of Peothil, doing his best to avoid the Alessian Reform. He entered the Caves of Peothil, only to find the man had died during one of his experiments. Loreth remained in those Caves for some time, learning on his own, and studying Peothil's discoveries. After the defeat of the Alessians at the Battle of Glenumbra Moors, he left the Heartland and returned to his old master, only to find that Dalak had passed on.[1]


Loreth took the skills he had learned in exile to make a most powerful Staff, from the very essence of the Land itself: the Staff of Chaos.[1][2]


Loreth would go on to father a familial line. And one his descendants would create the Arms of Chaos based on the crafts of their ancestor.[3]




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