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The banner of the Scaled Court

The Scaled Court was a group of fanatics active in Craglorn and Western Cyrodiil during the Interregnum. They follow the teachings of the Celestial body The Serpent.

The were initially led by the Nord warlord, Milvern One-Sword, and emerged at the mysterious disappearance of the Celestial Guardians in the night sky in 2E 582. They were driven from Cyrodiil by the Imperial Legion, but they were still active in Craglorn.[1]

They were disbanded after being defeated by the Vestige.[2]


  • Vicious Ophidians: The Serpent's elite guards. They wore face-concealing masks.[3]
  • Regents: The Court's mortal leaders. Each possessed a grandiose title and was in charge of a specific operation that would contribute to the Serpent's cause.

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