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Lore:The Serpent

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This one sees … a shadow. The flash of steel and fell whispers ….
This one sees writhing coils … silent menace.
You walk with the Serpent. Your presence means danger for all, friend and foe alike. Sangiin has given you the gift of swift mending. Take care—venom is perilous to both poisoned and poisoner.
Baandari fortune-telling for those born under the Serpent[1]

The Serpent (known as the Snake in the Stars to the Reachmen,[2] or simply the Snake to both Reachmen and Redguards)[2][3] is a constellation of four unstars which is not relegated to being in the night sky during a particular time of the year. Unlike stars, the unstars that form the Serpent move about the sky and do not emit varliance.[4] The Serpent's motions are considered to be unpredictable, though they can be predicted to a degree.[5] Sometimes it is deemed impossible, however.[6] Those born under the sign of the Serpent are thought to have no characteristics in common except being the most blessed and the most cursed.[7]

Despite consisting of four unstars it was also known as the Scaled Blanket, "made of not-stars, whose number is thirteen",[8] as it was the thirteenth constellation.[7]

Nedes who followed the Cult of the Stars modeled their weapons and armor after the constellations. Each part of their armaments was crafted in honor of a different constellation. Belts were linked to the Serpent, of unstars and no moons, "who circles ye zodiac, and crawleth where it will". Their belts emulated the Serpent's qualities and were designed to be as "strong as wyrm and long as a twelve-month, when ye head shall meet ye tail".[9]

The Serpent is present in ancient Redguard poetry, where he chases the charges of the Warrior, and unmakes his blade.[3] According to the Yokudans souls of those born under the Serpent are harder to guide through the necromancer's snare. The Serpent itself respects no master and is unpredictable in its path.[10]

The Dwemer associate the Serpent with the symbol Rg dwemersymbol serpent.jpg.[11]

According to the Reachfolk accounts the Snake in the Stars, also known as the Enemy and the Corrupter is the enemy of the Reach Guardians. They believe that if permitted, Snake would consume all the Lesser Stars without hesitation.[2] One of the Reachfolk glyphs depict the snake.[12] Its connection to the Snake in the Stars is unknown.

In the year 2E 582, Arana and the Witch-Rebels agreed to form a proper alliance with House Ravenwatch and the Vestige, but only once the ritual honoring Hircine was performed to finalize the binding pact between parties. The ritual was successful and revealed the sigil of the Snake in the Stars. Initially, Arana interpreted it as the substitute for their prey but soon realized that the clue sent by the Daedric Prince referred to the Sky Tales.[2] The Dwemer plaques led to Bthar-Zel, where they hoped to find materials to arm themselves against the invasion of the Gray Host.[13]

Weapons and armor named after the Snake in Stars were used by the participants of the Three Banners War.[14]

According to the Baandari fortune tellers, the Serpent is linked to Sangiin and is associated with swift mending and danger.[1] The Serpent was also believed to "sting the foes who seek ones blood".[15]

The Celestial Serpent has been referred to as Malazar.[16] An entity known as the Mother Serpent was present in the Nedic beliefs, but its connection to the Serpent is unknown.[17]



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