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Xulneihavu Shuxaltsei
Xulneihavu Shuxaltsei
Race Argonian Gender Female
Died 2E 582
Resided in Murkmire
Appears in ESO

Xulneihavu Shuxaltsei[1] was an Argonian priestess who served Sithis during Duskfall. She operated out of the Teeth of Sithis in Murkmire, where she drenched the altars in sacrificial blood from dawn to dusk to appease the Void. Ancient Argonian tales about her betrayal and fall claim that she was cast down and entombed far from the roots of the Hist, never to return.[2] She was proficient in the use of blood magic.[3] She has many names, all of which are spoken softly. Among them are "Devours-the-Sun" and "The High Priestess of Teeth".[2]

When the Hist hailed Sithis a being of change rather than an entity that sought to destroy, Shuxaltsei pushed back against the changes in tradition.[2] She clung to the old ways from before Duskfall and forsook the world. Instead of performing rituals to appease Sithis in accordance with old traditions, she performed a blood rite in an attempt to invite the great serpent to destroy the world. She sought to cast the world in darkness, watch the Hist die, and sow destruction until Sithis returned all of Creation to the Void. The tribes rose to stop her from achieving this goal.[2]

At some point in time (whether it was before her fall or after is unclear), Shuxaltsei became a vampire. She laid dormant until the Second Era, when the bloodshed from the Blackrose Prison riots stirred her from her slumber. She rose from her grave, preying upon unfortunate Blackguards she found roaming the swamps. She amassed a following of Bloodfiends spawned from her hunts and Argonians dedicated to her as a priestess of Sithis.[2] In 2E 582, she returned to reclaim her temple with her army of vampires, now called the Sun-Eaters, slaughtering the nisswo within.[4] She continued her work where she left off, offering the temple's custodians to Sithis. Whatever blood she did not drink was spilled upon her altar.[5] She was slain beneath the temple that year by the Vestige, ending her reign of terror.[4]


  • "Devours-the-Sun" is not a direct translation of Shuxaltsei's name.

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