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An ancient temple of Sithis is stirring...
Zone: Murkmire
Quest Giver: Nisswo Xode
Location(s): Teeth of Sithis
Concurrent Quest: Grave Subject Matter, Tools of Slaughter, The Weight of Words
Reward: Tribal Glove Crate
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
ID: 6239
Confront Shuxaltsei, the high priestess of Sithis
The Teeth of Sithis, a pair of ancient xanmeer temples, has been overtaken by the servants of its heretical, former high priestess, Shuxaltsei. She has taken the custodians of the Teeth captive and is sacrificing them in some profane blood rite.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Nisswo Xode just outside the Teeth of Sithis.
  2. Search for any survivors inside the temple.
  3. Regroup with Xode atop the western xanmeer.
  4. Disrupt sacrificial altars and kill Shuxaltsei.
  5. Talk to Xode outside the delve.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

As you walk by the Teeth of Sithis delve, you'll come across Nisswo Xode, who warns you to stay back.

"You are not one of her thralls? No, you do not smell like them.
Quickly, you must help me! I only barely escaped her clutches, but my root-sisters and brothers were not so lucky. Every moment we delay will be measured in innocent blood."
Who is it you escaped from?
"Shuxaltsei. Devours-the-Sun. High-Priestess of the Teeth. She has many names, all of them spoken softly.
She has returned from dusk to reclaim her temple and we are the offerings she makes for Sithis's favor."
Some sort of sacrifice?
"Yes. What blood she does not drink is spilled on the altars of the temple. For what purpose, I do not know, but many have died for the sake of her terrible rituals.
Shuxaltsei must be stopped."
Very well. I'll put a stop to these sacrifices.
"The priestess holds them in the Teeth of Sithis. Use the tunnel beneath the waterfall to reach the xanmeers on the ridge above.
We will regroup at the top of the western xanmeer once you've found the others."
Free the Captives

Once you enter the xanmeer proper, be prepared to deal with various Sun-Eater vampires, carnivorous plants and traps. The trapped floor tiles will be highlighted when you crouch and go into stealth. Navigate the western xanmeer to find the first captive, Nisswo Dakee-Kai.

The map will show Shuxaltsei can be reached from the western xanmeer, however killing her at this point will be out of order for the quest and it will be necessary to kill her again later to satisfy the quest. Also, exiting the delve by the exit near Shuxaltsei will return you to outside with no way to turn around, and it'll be necessary to reenter the delve from the start. Quest progress will not be lost.

"You come to drain the sap from me again, but I have little left to offer your master.
When the last of us are bled dry, it will be you who quenches her endless thirst."
I'm here to rescue you. Xode sent me.
"It does not matter. We are too entangled in the rotting roots of our past to flee from it. They have spread far and wide, unnoticed beneath the surface, and now that they have broken into the light it is too late.
So, what would you have me do?"
Meet Xode on top of the western xanmeer. We'll decide our next move from there.

Continue on and find the next captive, Nisswo Nedhellas, who can be found on the upper platform within the chamber.

"Can't get enough of this fine vintage, eh? Well, you're cut off! Come any closer and I'll bash your fangs in!"
Easy. I'm here to rescue you. Xode sent me.
"He got out? Slippery skink, that one. Well, what are you waiting for? Set me loose, so I can give these bloodsuckers a good thunk right in their pointy teeth!"
You're in no condition to pick a fight. Find Xode, he should be at the top of the western xanmeer.
Meet up with the survivors.

As these are the only living captives you can find, head to the top of the western Xanmeer to meet up with the survivors. Talk to Nisswo Xode.

"I am grateful the Hist has guided you all to me, but … is this everyone you were able to find?"
Yes, so far.
"So far. Yes ….
I found nothing in the eastern xanmeer but the priestess's thralls and the reek of mingling blood. Whoever was there has already been taken to bleed on the temple's teeth, or her own."
So we're too late.
"She will find others. Before the fall, Shuxaltsei drenched the Teeth of Sithis with sacrificial blood from dawn to dusk. As the thing she has become, her need is greater now and so is her power. I can feel it coursing through this temple."
How so?
"Like the blood spilled here begins to pulse through dead stone. The beating of this temple's heart is slow, but it echoes through the Void. She is calling to Sithis. We cannot let her be heard."
I'll stop her.
"I fear what Shuxaltsei has begun may not be undone by her death alone. We must stop her ritual and forever silence this temple to the old ways. Destroy the altars. Only then can we be certain the high priestess will not get what she wants."
Destroy the Sacrificial Altars

Cross the bridge and enter the eastern xanmeer. There are two sacrificial altars which will need to be destroyed, but they are in the same chamber. Once the ritual altars are destroyed, it's time to put an end to Shuxaltsei herself. Descend into the caverns below the eastern xanmeer and fight your way to the high priestess. As you approach, the ground will shake as she continues her ritual. You will find her summoning a Hemonculous and chanting to Sithis.

In combat she displays a mix of Fear Mage abilities as well as a host of blood-related spells unique to her. Once she is dead, you can leave the xanmeer through a door to the south of Shuxaltsei's chamber. Once outside, you will be on one of the step levels of the xanmeer and you can jump down to meet up with the Nisswos who will be discussing what they should do next.

Nisswo Xode: "Come, the Teeth of Sithis won't be safe until we get aid from the tribes."
Nisswo Nedhellas: "So we're not going back? Give'em a good bash ourselves?"
Nisswo Dakee-Kai: "I would rather gather support in Lilmoth. get some rest, maybe a warm meal."
Nisswo Nedhellas: "I bet Sithis would want to bash…."
Nisswo Xode: "Right now, I am strongly considering it."

You can then speak with Nisswo Xode to tell him of your success:

"The temple seems quieter and the spines of fear and dread lie flat again. It is done, isn't it?"
I destroyed the sacrificial altars and put an end to the high priestess.
"Then the last remnants of the old ways have finally been shed and the story of Shuxaltsei ends as it was always meant to: with a new beginning.
We are grateful for your help. The Hist were wise to guide you to us."


  • The captives won't exist inside the delve before starting the quest.
  • The blood orbs don't appear on the altars before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.


  • During the objective to destroy the altars in the eastern xanmeer, the quest marker on the compass and map point to the door entrance on the lower level rather than the one on the upper level on the other side of the bridge, which is the quickest way to get to where you need to go. ?

Quest StagesEdit

She Who Eats the Light
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Xode, one of the escaped captives, has begged me to enter the Teeth of Sithis and rescue any surviving captives I find.
Objective: Search for Captives in the Lower Level
Objective: Search for Captives in the Upper Level
I found and freed a couple of survivors, but they are the only survivors I found. I should meet Xode at the top of the western xanmeer as planned.
Objective: Talk to Nisswo Xode on Top of the Xanmeer
Xode believes Shuxaltsei's blood rite will hold terrible consequences for the world if it is completed. He asked me to destroy her sacrificial altars before confronting her myself.
Objective: Disrupt Altars: 0/2
With the sacrificial altars destroyed, Shuxaltsei's ritual has been foiled, but the high priestess still poses a terrible threat. Xode asked me to put an end to her tyranny, once and for all.
Objective: Kill Shuxaltsei
Finishes quest  I destroyed Shuxaltsei, putting an end to the blood sacrifices for good. Xode will want to know that the worst of the threat is beyond him.
Objective: Talk to Nisswo Xode
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