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Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Black Marsh
Region Blackwood
Appears in Arena, ESO
Stonewastes ca. 2E 582

Stonewastes is a medium-sized settlement located in the gloomy bogland of Blackwood, in the province of Black Marsh.[1] The town is the home of the Four Winds, a legendary group of Argonian defenders that roam the region and protect the people from bandits and other dangers. They have been active since their ancestors "erected their first hut".[2] The town's Hist tree is located in the center of town and at the west end is a large xanmeer keep called the Stonewastes Keep.[3]


Sometime during the Interregnum, the members of the Four Winds, Elossi, Meer-Ta, Otumi-Ra, and Satul-Sa disbanded and went their separate ways after an argument. Each traveled to the outskirts of town while Satul-Sa stayed in the village, but their separation proved to be unbeneficial to the people of Stonewastes when the village was attacked in 2E 582, by the Lut-Eileel, a tribe of Argonian warmongers and their leader, the Warlord Nuxhosa. After an initial attack, Satul-Sa saved the village but after they enchanted their weapons, Warlord Nuxhosa had cut down the Wind and the Lut-Eileel secured the xanmeer keep to the west of the village. Stonewastes was ransacked and besieged, and the local blacksmith, Nuxul enlisted a traveler to reunite the Winds and defeat the Lut-Eileel. After some setbacks, the winds were reunited a prepared a final attack that liberated villagers and sabotaged the enemy weapons. In the end, the warlord was defeated, the village was saved, and the Winds were reformed.[4]

During the Imperial Simulacrum in the late Third Era, Stonewastes was ruled by Lord Diocletian and had a rivalry with Glenbridge and Chasepoint.[5] Stonewastes is neighbored by several settlements, including Glenbridge to the northeast, Rockgrove to the southeast, and Gideon to the northwest.[1]


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