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Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Black Marsh
Region Blackwood
Appears in Arena, ESO
The Glenbridge Xanmeer ca. 2E 582

Glenbridge is a settlement located in the southeast hills of Blackwood, in the province of Black Marsh. Glenbridge is built around a ruined xanmeer dedicated to Sithis, an ancient deity of the Argonian people. The Nisswo of Glenbridge believe that the xanmeer's dilapidated state is the work of their god, whose core being is chaos and change.[1] Many visitors from all over Tamriel, Argonians or outsiders come to the shrine to either worship Sithis or marvel at the architecture.[2]


The Xanmeer in Glenbridge was built by the ancient Argonians in times long forgotten and was abandoned after the event known as Duskfall. There is an ancient legend passed down by the Nisswo of the settlement. Back when the Argonians lived in xanmeers, there was a human sorcerer from a distant land named Rectavius, who traveled to the Glenbridge xanmeer in the hopes of acquiring immortality. He utilized a vast amount of dark magic that nearly killed all life in the swamps, but when the shamans of Blackwood came together, they sealed the sorcerer in a seal inside the xanmeer.[3] With his powers, he transferred his mind into voriplasm and lived in the xanmeer's inner chamber for many years.[4]

The people of Glenbridge witnessed the battle of the minotaur, Hruum the Red and the Nibenese warrior, Brumium. While the latter was struck down by the minotaur, the battle inspired Brumium's cousin, Phalevon Vero to hunt down every minotaur throughout Blackwood and avenge him with Hruum's death.[5] Throughout his journey, Phalevon earned the epithet of "the Magnificent" and became a legend throughout the region.[6]

During the Interregnum in 2E 582, the noble explorer, Lady Clarisse Laurent of Daggerfall and her servant Stibbons traveled to Glenbridge's xanmeer and uncover its secrets. But as they explored the ruins, Stibbons broke the ancient relic that sealed Rectavius and became his prisoner. Lady Laurent escaped the ruins but Stibbons became the sorcerer's template of voriplasm-made servants, the key to his escape. In a few moments, several duplicates of Stibbons left the ruins and seven of them were gathered in a nearby hut. An adventurer stumbled onto the situation and was enlisted by Lady Laurent and Nisswo Somarz to solve the problem and lift the curse. Their journey through the xanmeer brought them all over and eventually the sealed chamber in the center. The two defeated the Sorcerer, Rectavius in the end and freed Stibbons from his prison.[7]

During the Imperial Simulacrum in the late Third Era, the village of Glenbridge was an active settlement and the only temple present in the village was the Conclave of Charity. It was ruled by Lady Niketera and had a rivalry with Stonewastes.[8] At the time, Glenbridge was neighbored by several settlements, including Rockguard to the far north-northeast, Stonewastes to the southwest, and Gideon to the west-southwest.[9]


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