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A Warden using nature magic

Wardens are worshippers of Y'ffre and defenders of the Green. They are master storytellers whose nature tales become magical reality.[1][2] Wardens weave spells to cause plants and fungi to grow rapidly. They can also call animals to come to their aid, and wield frost spells to combat their foes.[1] Wardens of all races have been found protecting Tamriel's wilds, and as a whole they do not bow to any specific organized group or guild.[3] For centuries they were mostly silent, focused on watching, guiding, and protecting the Green, but they were called to rejoin the world of man during the Interregnum.[4] Despite their unique magical practices, the term warden was considered a fancy title with little relevance to some magic educators.[5]

The scholar Phrastus of Elinhir claimed that Wardens are nothing more than a militant group of Bosmer Spinners, though this is contested by his rival Lady Cinnabar of Taneth.[3] Both groups may worship Y'ffre, but Wardens can be of any race, while only Bosmer can be Spinners. Additionally, Spinners are typically nonviolent, while Wardens are more than willing to shed blood to varying degrees of those who seek to harm the wilds. Another difference is that Wardens draw upon the environment to shape reality, and cast powerful spells utilizing conjuration or alteration magic, while Spinners specialize in entrancing their audience in stories via illusions. Lastly, Wardens do not follow the Green Pact either (excluding those who are both Warden and Bosmer), as they're willing to make full use of nature's bounty to survive.[3]

A Warden corresponded with Dhulef, the court mage of House Mornard, requesting information on the warriors of the Green as a part of the interview. After some heated arguments between Druid Laurel of the Stonelore and some Mages Guild members (some of which are Wardens themselves), it was speculated that Wardens and Druids are related, but moreso in the heart rather than in the mind. Druids use the True Way to guide their magics, while Wardens feel Nirn calling to them in their gut. Wardens are also possibly being a way for the old world to walk tall in the new, with Wardens being the Green fighting back.[6][5]


In the Second Era, tattoos symbolizing the intertwining of all life forms were popular among those who feel a connection with Nature in Tamriel, including Wardens.[7][8] Warden's Moss Green is a hue named after the Wardens.[9]

At some point in history before the Three Banners War, a Wayrest blacksmith began to breed bears in honor of a fallen Warden.[10] The Psijic Order created magical gauntlets named after them, suited to the usage of Nature-based magic.[11] During the Three Banners War of the Second Era, wardens were employed by the alliances.[12]

Sometime in 2E 582, Boldekh, a Redguard warrior on Nature's behalf who was sent by Vivec to help Naryu Virian assassinate the grandmaster of the Morag Tong.[13] That same year, King Camoran was asked to send Wardens to a valley in the Tenmar mountains, for it to be cleansed of Maarselok's taint.[14]

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