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Lore:Xinchei-Konu Monument

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Xinchei-Konu Monument
Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Black Marsh
Region Murkmire
Appears in ESO
Xinchei-Konu Monument ca. 2E 582

The Xinchei-Konu Monument is an Argonian ruin located on the bay coast of Murkmire, in the province of Black Marsh. The monument functions as an ancient calendar, as well as a catalyst of needed change (known in Jel as "ku-vastei"). It is one of the last remnants from the Days of Stone-Nest, an era of prosperity for Argonians before the events known as Duskfall. The monument generally has a myriad of secrets and uses, such as the ability to change the weather whenever needed.[1]


The Xinchei-Konu is overseen by its Keeper, the Jekka-Wass, who also performs the "vastei-sei", which is known in Jel as the "Ritual of Change". It is a ritual that changes the weather of the region and it requires three components, brackish mud found between the swamp and the sea, a sample of deathly bloom, and a sample of wood from the Tree that Crumbles Stone. These components will be offered to the force of change and activate the monument for the weather change. The Jekka-Wass will then state the ritual chant, which first goes, "Vakka reelsh vastei buseek xal!" and when the components are placed, they then say "Delaw ruheeva wuxa vastei bok tar-sakka!"[1][2]

In 2E 582, an unknown thief stole each of the twelve tablets that represented the months and left a book of riddles for the monument keepers to find them. They were scattered all over Murkmire, in every nook and cranny across the region. An adventurer traveled to the monument and promised Jekka-Wass Vozei to return the tablets. They found their first tablet, the Vakka tablet in the midst of a miregaunt in the vicinity of Blackrose Prison. With their first catch, the adventurer explored the entire region until they found the eleven other pieces and re-assembled the Xinchei-Konu.[3] Before it could be restored to glory, the Jekka-Wass had to perform the "Ritual of Change". He sent the adventurer to locate his predecessor, the nisswo, Paraxeeh in nearby Bright-Throat Village. With every condition set, the Ritual of Change had commenced and the nisswo revealed that he was the one who stole the tablets. The endeavor was designed as a test to his pupil, Vozei.[4]

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