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This article is about the foyada. For other uses, see Mamaea (disambiguation).

Foyada Mamaea is one of the "Fire Rivers", or cooled lava channels, running down the slopes of Red Mountain. It runs from the southern lip of the crater of Dagoth Ur through Ghostgate, which is built in the center of the Foyada, then generally south-southwest, past Moonmoth Legion Fort before finally ending a bit east of Hla Oad. In the middle of the foyada, to the north of Moonmoth Fort, is Assarnatamat, a Daedric shrine dedicated to Mehrunes Dagon. An old Dwemer bridge leads over the foyada near Moonmoth Legion Fort. The good road between Pelagiad and Balmora crosses southeast of the fort.


  • Various descriptions of Foyada Esannudan seem to conflict with Foyada Mamaea. See the notes on that page for details.
  • Foyada Mamaea is not in any way related to the cave of Mamaea or the merchant Mamaea found at the Ahemmusa Camp (or the other two Ashlander women who also share the name).


Map of Foyada Mamaea