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Oblivion:Brusef Amelion's Armor

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Brusef Amelion's Armor (male)
Brusef Amelion's Armor (female)

Brusef Amelion's Armor is a unique set of light armor and a matching longsword. It once belonged to Brusef Amelion, grandfather of Biene and father of Marcel. The items were buried with Brusef and can be found scattered throughout the Amelion Tomb.

The armor resembles ebony armor, but has a unique silver appearance rather than the usual black and gold. The sword resembles a silver longsword, but with slightly more intricate engravings. The cuirass and the longsword are both enchanted.

The cuirass and the longsword are quest-related, and you will be sent to recover them for Biene Amelion by the Fighters Guild during the quest Amelion's Debt. However, you have the option of paying Biene 1,000 gold to clear her debt, allowing you to keep the items should you wish. Unless you are a collector there is little reason to do so, as Brusef's armor is heavier than Orcish but provides inferior protection, being slightly better than chainmail. The sword is equivalent to an enchanted silver longsword.

All of these items can be retrieved from Amelion Tomb at any point. The cuirass and longsword are not marked as quest items, so if you lose them prior to the related quest you will be forced to pay off Biene's debt to continue with the Fighters Guild questline.

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Name Object ID Type         Effects Location
Full Set 126 985 29.0
   Brusef Amelion's Boots 0012DD1B Light Boots 21 150 45 3.0 Amelion Tomb, behind a locked coffin in the southwesternmost passage
   Brusef Amelion's Cuirass 000091FA Light Cuirass 21 290 710 8.0 Frost Shield 6% Sarcophagus Chamber, on a stone slab next to the sword
  Brusef Amelion's Gauntlets 0012DD1A Light Gauntlets 21 150 40 3.0 Amelion Tomb, below the cave in trap
  Brusef Amelion's Greaves 0012DD18 Light Greaves 21 225 60 4.0 Sarcophagus Chamber, in the northeastern corner
   Brusef Amelion's Helmet 0012DD19 Light Helmet 21 150 40 3.0 Amelion Tomb upper level, before dropping down from the Sarcophagus Chamber; behind the Wisp Stalks
  Brusef Amelion's Shield 0012DD1C Light Shield 21 225 90 8.0 Amelion Tomb, behind a destroyed crate in the southeasternmost chamber


Name       Speed Reach   Charge / Cost = Uses Effects Location
  Brusef Amelion's Sword
28 250 327 1.0 1.0 14 500/5=100 Frost Damage 5 pts Sarcophagus Chamber, on a stone slab next to the cuirass