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Oblivion:Daedra Silk

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Daedra Silk
Daedra Silk
Value 75 Weight 0.5
Alchemy Effects
1st Burden Burden
2nd Night-Eye Night-Eye
3rd Chameleon Chameleon
4th Damage Endurance Damage Endurance
# Samples 1
Creature Spider Daedra
Spider Daedra and Spiderling.

The ingredient Daedra Silk is collected from dead Spider Daedra.


There is only one guaranteed sample, found in the following location (magenta cross on map):

It can also be found randomly in the inventories of alchemy vendors (starting at level 20) and in some Conjurer and Oblivion loot chests (starting at level 16).


Spider Daedra are the only source of this ingredient; all Spider Daedra drop one sample each of Daedra Silk and Daedra Venin. Spiderlings do not drop any ingredients. Spider Daedra are commonly encountered in Planes of Oblivion starting at levels 18 and higher; boss-level Spider Daedra can be found starting at level 16. Below level 16, there is no possibility of finding Spider Daedra.

As with other daedric creatures, in Tamriel the best places to look for Spider Daedra are in Conjurer Dungeons (circles on map), where they may spawn starting at level 18, and outside Oblivion Gates (squares on map), starting at level 22. The best places to look for Spider Daedra in Tamriel are:

  • Fort Teleman (purple circle) is guaranteed to have a single Spider Daedra (the boss-level Daedra) at level 16. 3 are likely at levels 18 or higher.
  • Arkved's Tower, Fathis Aren's Tower, Fort Rayles and Sardavar Leed (blue circles/squares) are each guaranteed to have a single Spider Daedra at level 18. They may also have additional Spider Daedra at levels 18 or higher.
Locations of Spider Daedra and Daedra Silk