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OB-icon-Nighteye.png Night-Eye
School Illusion
Type Other
Effect ID NEYE
Base Cost 22.0
Barter Factor 20
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Custom Potions
Built-In Potions
Sigil Stones

Night-Eye for D seconds

Night-Eye allows you to see in the dark for D seconds; unlike Light there is no distance limitation on Night-Eye. Night-Eye is the only way of seeing in the dark that does not increase your detectability. (One could increase the brightness of the game, but it would have a side effect of making bright areas blinding.) However, it also makes everything appear blue, and therefore makes it more difficult to pick out items and more difficult to recognize dark corners to sneak in.


  • Most pieces of enchanted apparel using this effect spell it "Nighteye" instead of "Night-Eye".
  • Night-Eye is one of three spell effects that have only a Duration (no magnitude). It is often better to enchant a piece of jewelry with the effect than to use a spell, unless you must use your apparel slots for more important enchanted items. Assign a hotkey to be able to quickly take the item on and off if you don't want the game to be permanently tinted blue.
  • Rather than take up an item slot just for the Nighteye enchantment, you should consider the free, easily findable Unique Item, Fin Gleam, a Light Helmet which proves to be exorbitantly useful when considering all the potions you didn't need to buy. (Note that it also provides you with 20 ft life detection and water breathing).
  • There are a couple ways of obtaining Night-Eye as a Lesser Power, which means that the effect is available with minimal Magicka cost (however, as with all lesser powers, you do not gain any Illusion experience from casting the spell):
  • The above and spells are the only ways to gain this effect for spell making and enchanting.

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Alchemy IngredientsEdit

The following alchemy ingredients can be used to create a potion of Night-Eye: