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Oblivion:Dareloth's House

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Guild Hall:
Dareloth's House
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Console Location Code(s)
ICWaterfrontDarelothsHouse, ICWaterfrontDarelothsHouseUpstairs, ICWaterfrontDarelothsHouseBasement
Imperial City, Waterfront District
Dareloth's House

Dareloth's House is the home of the Thieves Guild's founder, in the Imperial City's Waterfront District behind the Abandoned Shack.

The building is divided into Dareloth's House, the Guildmaster's Quarters, and Dareloth's Basement. It is only accessible after The Ultimate Heist is completed.

Dareloth's HouseEdit

Dareloth's House

In the entrance a large round table seats seven, and on it are two bottles of ale. The bookshelf in the east corner holds copies of History of Lock Picking, Followers of the Gray Fox, The Old Ways, and The Last King of the Ayleids. The desk next to it contains clutter and/or a common book. The barrel and chest in the middle of the southeast wall both contain clutter and/or repair hammers. The cupboard in the south corner contains drinks, and the chest of drawers next to it contains clutter; a bowl on top of it holds three apples. In the north corner of the room two clutter/repair hammer barrels sit across from the door to the Basement. In the west corner of the room, a chest at the foot of the stairs contains clutter, as does the nearby sack. The barrel next to the stairs also contains clutter and/or a repair hammer. At the top of the stairs, next to the door to the Guildmaster's Quarters, are two more clutter sacks, another clutter/repair hammer barrel, and a sack that contains food. The sacks in this room do not respawn, but every other container does. There is a third door, that cannot be opened, which corresponds to the boarded up entrance on the other side of the Waterfront.

Guildmaster's QuartersEdit

Guildmaster's Quarters

The double bed sits in the east corner of the quarters. The chest at the foot holds clutter. The cupboard on the northeast wall contains clothing, and the chest next to it contains gold and possibly jewelry and clutter. The bookshelf on the southeast wall holds copies of Followers of the Gray Fox and Lost Histories of Tamriel as well as Savilla's Stone. The desk on the southwest wall contains clutter, and on top of it sits a copy of the security skill book Proper Lock Design, Transfer Orders, Waterfront Tax Records (which is still marked as a quest item), and a bottle of cheap wine. In the alcove in the west corner are three crates and a barrel which all contain clutter and/or repair hammers, and an empty chest. A table in the middle holds two more bottles of cheap wine and nine blackberries. Another clutter/repair hammer barrel sits behind this table. All crates and chests in this room are safe for storage.

Dareloth's BasementEdit

On the first landing on the stairs down into the basement from Dareloth's House, a barrel contains clutter and/or a repair hammer, and a chest and sack contain more clutter. At the bottom of the stairs sits another clutter sack. To the left, a crate contains clutter and/or a repair hammer, and two sacks beside it hold clutter. Opposite this crate two bedrolls lie on the floor. At the westernmost central pillar another clutter/repair hammer barrel sits next to two sacks that contain food. At the easternmost central pillar another two sacks contain food. Between these pillars, two clutter/repair hammer barrels are against the wall. The stairs in the south end of this room lead up and out into Dareloth's Garden in the Waterfront District. The door on the northeast wall, locked with a leveled lock, leads to a small room which contains only a table that holds six lockpicks. As with the main floor, only the sacks are non respawning.