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Oblivion:Lost Histories of Tamriel

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Book Information
Lost Histories of Tamriel
ID 0000BF8C
See Also Lore version
Value 50 Weight 0.1
Needed for Lost Histories
Related to The Ultimate Heist
Found in the following locations:
Lost Histories of Tamriel
Excerpt concerning the Aedric Prophecies, otherwise known as the Elder Scrolls

In an earlier volume I discussed the vagaries and influences of the Aedric prophesies, more commonly known as the Elder Scrolls. Readers wanting to know the history behind the highly inappropriate appellation 'Aedric' can refer to chapters 23 through 27 of my previous work for a full explanation as well as the incompetencies of my good comrade Therin of Mournhold, who named them thus.

The influences of the archivally historic Elder Scrolls cannot be understated. Once a prophesy [sic] contained in an Elder Scroll is enacted in Tamriel, the text of the parchment becomes fixed. All readers ingest the same divine message. It becomes an historical document declaring the unequivocal truth of a past event. Scholars, even those as dim-witted as Therin of Mournhold, cannot argue the bias of the writer, like he has with my earlier works. Not even magic can affect the word written upon those ancient pages.